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I finally was ableto go in there,and Most likely Tell which kittens were boys and girls, I have 2 males and 4 female! The Solid black one is Male,and there is a Fat Blk/white one *mostly blk* that are males.. And the Solid Black one is Tyson.. LMAO He Boxes the other kittens to get a nipple at feeding time! it is FUNNY! He Will go fight with 2 perticular Females, the White with Blk Spots*Dottie* and a Tabby and white that looks like momma .. Soo we dont have names for all of them yet.. but we have Tyson,Dottie,Rollie Pollie,And the other Blk/white one male..I wanna name him after one of those OLDDDD Show gfuys, that Never talked.. and had Black tall Hats on,And danced around with a cane thing, and he had a small thin Mustach... And this kitten has a all white mouth, Cept the Lil blk Mustach.. LOL! Soo If U know of the Show I am talking bout let me know thanks!
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With those color of kittens, it is hard to tell the difference as all the colors involved can be either/or ones. Too bad there was no calico or tortie to help out.

In my litters, I always had at least one calico/tortie to help tell the kittens sex. The last one was one white kitten and when born, I thought a male, but when I took him to the vet's for first shots, he turned out to be a female - I had nothing to compare her to to be sure
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charlie chaplin? something like that lol
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hehe Yea I can tell the blk one is a male, He has stuff the others dont.. :-X hahaha And i found one other that looks like him.. Soo none of the others do. But I Am still worried i Sexed em wrong. And YEs.. Something like Charley Chaplin! Thanks!
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