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Jade Very Sick

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Got up this morning and Jade was lying in the shower room on the floor.. it must have been cooler there.

She was all wobbly on her back legs, so I rushed her to the vet. They did an Ultra sound on her. Bless, she just lay on her back with her legs in the air while they clipped her long fur off her belly and then fell asleep still on her back while they put the gel on and had a look. She never moved.. typical Jade and not just because she is sick.

The vet said her bladder was full but no signs of tumor or any blockage, they said she may have hurt her back because she was wobly on her legs.

Went back to collect her after lunch but she still hadn't pee'd so when I got her home I filled a litter tray and she tried to go but couldn't.

I was really worried so took her back to the vet and they have kept her in.

Now they think she has an infection in her bladder.

I am so worried about her, she is not a young cat and I have never seen her so sick.

Please send lots of loving vibes for her. I have to go and see her tomorrow.
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Oh no....
You must be so worried.
Sweet Jade will remain in my prayers until this is resolved.
Please keep us updated.
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She is in good hands; they will do their best to see how they can help her. Loving vibes are headed her way from Ross, Monica and I.
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i hope your pretty baby jade is ok.

have faith in those vet people, I bet tomorow she will be doing better.
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Jade is in my prayers, hoping for a speedy recovery!
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How old is she? Did they check her heart? Make sure they check the pulses in her legs.
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Me and the boys are sending loving vibes and praying for a quick recovery for Jade.
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Sending lots of get well vibes to Jade and to you.
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She could have 'thrown a clot'. They have to check her heart and circulation as well as her bladder. I hope that this is not the case but it helps to know.
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poor baby! please let us know something as soon as you can...
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Sending good wishes that Jade gets well.
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Hugs to Jade!! Please get better fast Jade, your mommy loves you and wants you well so you can play with her . I hope she is doing better.
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Ginger and I are sending vibes Jade's way!!!
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Went to see Jade this morning she is very very sick. They took urina and blood samples the urine showed cells that indicate kidney failure. They have put her on a drip and are awaiting the results from the blood tests.

Her legs are warm and she has pulse so they rule out thrombosis and also crystals in the urthrea because they have been able to make her pea by pressing the bladder.

They also suspect some neurological problems which is why she cannot use her back legs but they are unsure which came first.

She is not a young cat I have had her 12 years and she was adult when I found her but we have no idea of her exact age.

She is sleeping a lot but then Jade was always so laid back nothing ever bothers her, children used to carry her around and she would just totally relax like a rag doll under their arm.

I gave her a cuddle and they said they would let me know tomorrow.
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I am so sorry...
This sounds very serious.
Jade is in my prayers and I am sending you both calming thoughts & hugs. ((((hugs))))
I'll be watching for your update.
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Jade seems much better today when I went to see her and Manualla the vet told me that she had eaten for the first time.. only a little but she had still easten so they are hopefull that the kidney damage has been reversed.

They told me that sometimes with kidney failure they go dizzy so that may explain why she walked wobbly.

She recognised me when I went in to see her and startde purring as soon as I spoke to her

She was also sitting half up this time instead of lying flat so this was also a good sign.. Fingers crossed
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Oh my gosh....
I was afraid to open your thread but this is hopeful news.
Sweet Jade remains in my prayers that she will continue her recovery.
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to you and Jade. What Jade is going through sounds a lot like what my Sam (now deceased) went through, in the last year of his life. He was walking wobbly (drunk like) and then slowly lost control of his hind end. We had every test ran, but we couldn't find the cause of his illness. He was with us for an extra year (he wasn't pain, the vet thinks) and we adapted to his special needs. I hope Jade is feeling better!
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Prayers and healing vibes coming your way for sweet Jade.
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Best wishes for Jade - it is so worrying when you don't know. Hopefully she will now start to recover.
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i will keep my fingers crossed for a positive outcome to this.
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Visited Jade today she looks so much better, she was walking around her cage and meowed when she saw me.

The vet said she is eating and drinking fine and the drip is out now. They say I may be able to bring her home tomorrow.
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Such good news. I hope she continues to improve.
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I brought her home today with a new diet and instructions she shouldn't go out..

Hmm Jade escaped within the first hour.. aggghhhhh.

However she seems content enough and when she comes back, which I know she will, i will lock her up for a few days.

Unfortunately it is sooo hot here that I have to keep the doors open all day and night so she is going to have to go in the spare bedroom.

The vet suggested the cattery but I am full of paying guests at the moment and fully booked for the next two weeks so that is not an option.

I am so happy to have her home.. best go and get her in now.
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Jade is home

Trouble is she is now leaking urine where ever she goes I am hoping this improves but the smell is awfull I have had to put her in the bathroom.

The vet seems to think it will improve as the medication takes effect I really hope so.
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I am sure that sweet Jade is glad to be home and pray that the leakage clears up quickly.
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She is still leaking unfortunately but I have now moved her into one of my cat pens where she can lie in the sun and be more comfortable than in my bathroom.

She still chirrups at me and rubs around my ankles, she gets lots of love and affection she is such a lovely cat I am praying she gets better enough to come back into the house soon.
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you and Jade have my best wishes, I hope that she improves so that she can stay in other rooms, but as long as she is happy and chirruping it is a good sign.
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Glad to hear things are improving. She'll be back in the house in no time!
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Jade sounds like just the sweetest girl, I am praying for a full recovery.
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