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Ringworm Revisited

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Hi everyone, I am new to this so please be patient with me. I adopted a male kitten about 10 days ago, Zippi and he was showing balding spots on his ears and it was confirmed today that he has ringworm. Here is my dilemma, I did have him isolated as I do have another cat Happi who is a year old and was planning on introducing him this week, not going to happen. But I did bring him into Happi's room. my bedroom and the basement play area.I have washed with bleach and hot water all of Happ's toys blankets etc. She has a cat tree and I just went over it with hot soapy water and have vacumed all the rugs. If Zippi has had this all the time would Happi be showing signs of it by now , am I home free with her or can it show up later on. Zippi is on oral meds for the next 4 weeks and will be kept isolated in his room until he gets an all clear.
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Do you think you could ask your vet about treating both of them, and go ahead and do the introductions as you planned this week?

If he's been around for 10 days with this ringworm, Happi's already been exposed to it, unless you've been practising surgical isolation procedures.

And watch yourself too. If you see a little spot that looks like a pimple in an odd place like your calf, and it starts getting dry skin, you have ringworm. People are easy though, just get some Lotrimin or other athelete's foot stuff, smear it on there, and slap a band-aid on it. After two days, you're not contagious anymore, and you'll need to treat it for a couple weeks, but it isn't a big deal.
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Welcome to TCS!!!
Please check out this link sweetie. I just posted the answers to a lot of common ringworm questions there. I think it should be quite helpful to you

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It is my opinion that it is easier to just treat both cats rather than treat one, and weeks later have the other show signs of ringworm. Talk to your vet to see if s/he thinks it would be a good idea to treat Happi.
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