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Raw Food Feeders

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looking for a freeze dried or frozen raw food, that has limited ingredients

(i will not make my own nor mix any raw meat with a supplement, like Feline instincts)

so far all i can find is Stever frozen raw (has ingredients my cat cant have)
and Natures Variety prarie (same problem)

are there any other frozen of freeze dried cat foods out there?

thanks for any suggestions
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type in bravo raw foods in google since I cant ever get the name right...
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A lot of raw food companies are very local (due to the difficulty and expense in shipping frozen products). Unless someone lives near you, it's going to be diffcult to reccomend makes, because only a few are widely distributed. The only one I can think of that hasn't been mentioned is Aunt Jeni's (or Pets4Life, depending on where you are).

What I'd do is ask in your area. Ask holistic veterinarians, ask feed stores and pet supply shops (independant ones are usually better). They'll be your best bet for finding what is near you.
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