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When to let them out??

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when is a good time to let the kittens finally have run of the house? I have had them in the kennel ( dogs) because it was big enough to hold their litterbox, food and give them room to play. now the dog is reacting badly, by intentionally peeing in the house, and he is a 3 year old rottie that hasent had a accident in the house since he was 11 weeks old. i went and priced more dog kennels, but there like $179 for one the same size! they are 7 weeks old friday, and i already let them out for a few hours at a time now, but mostly they stay where i am. i even priced a playpen, but there like $80, not really a good idea for only a few weeks i dont think? they climb over everything, so there is no way i can jsut block the doorways,lol.
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i started letting my kitten's have the run of the house when they was 12 week's old i rescued them at 4 week's so it is kinda different , but i had 3 older cat's so i used to let them out durning the day when i was in and lock them away at night , once i was happy that the other's was ok and that they could look after themself's if need be i started letting them out when i wasn't home at first then after a few week's let them stay out at night aswell , ( didn't sleep the first night lol) i think it depend's , ur dog may be a problem as being a rotty can be very big may be a bit to playfull or he could be fine only u know ur dog though , good luck
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do you have a room that you can let them have the run of seprate from the dog? 7 weeks is usually ok to start letting them explore, but when you cant be around i would confine to one room. Kirra was 7 weeks when i brought her home, never had a momma, but she did fine wondering the whole house, but when we had to leave for even 30 mins i would confine her to a single room that didnt have much "trouble" to cause.
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Actually I don't let kittens have unsupervised time till they are about 4-5 months old and that's only for a few hours. Its about 6-7 months before they can have total access to the house.

Following this policy has resulted in no kittens getting hurt.
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i have a room, ( my bathroom) but at night i get up alot to go, so it would be a free for all trying to get out each time i went in,lol. Prue had run at 9 weeks, and was a very good cat, never got into anything and always used the litter. i just think with 4 it would be too much. i have a second unused bathroom, but its only a toliet in there, and its only like 4 ft long by about 4 feet wide,lol. really not much room floorwise. my spare room has alot of stuff in it that i dont have room for, and the other room ( computer room) has no door and LOTS of wires,lol. if i could get a human playpen and tied a blanket over the top ( so they couldnt climb out), would that work ( be safe enough)?
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well one a playpen they can chew through the screen, get the claws tangled in it, ect. and in all honesty i have yet to see a playpen that would bet a 4ft X 4ft room lol. A small bathroom is actually a great start for them. When you can watch them i would let them play in say the living room. in the end you know the kitties and what you can and cant trust them with to an extent and with mom around she will help guide, sometimes i wish kirra had had that, maybe she wouldnt get into so much rofl.
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I agree with Malikitty, the second bathroom sounds like an ideal place for the kittens to be until they are a bit older. Because the dog is showing signs of stress (peeing) make sure he is either always separated from the kittens when they are out or that you keep a very close eye on him when interacting with the kittens.
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i always keepan eye on him, and he is on a chain in the kitchen when i am not home, and they are in the kennel, when they are out of the kennel, the dog is outside most the time.
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I let the kittens exlpore from the time they learn to climb the baby gate lol which is about 4-5 weeks old(is this wrong?). Untill then they stay in my bedroom, so when they start exploring they know that my room is their "safe house" they always sleep in there and none have ever gotten hurt while out and about.
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