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Soft Paws - For Sticky

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For everyone who requested a sticky about Soft Paws, questions about what they are, application tips (no pun intended ), and other FAQs, please post your information, etc. in this thread. You can also post a link to a post that you found especially helpful (if not your own) or to a post(s) that you have previously written.

Next week, the 1st week of September, I will compile all of the posts into the final post that will be linked for the sticky. All posts from this thread or links will be copied (the whole thing, with username, appearing just as if you had written it in the new thread) into one thread.

Thank you!
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I found this thread had heaps of great information!

I Soft Pawed by cats a few days ago and it went really well. I got the kitten sized ones for Lily who is about 4 months old, and the small sized ones for Stumpy who weighs about 7 lbs.

I found the kitten ones a little big still, so trimmed the ends of before I stuck them on. Maybe put one on your kitten without the glue to get an idea of how the sizing is, then trim and apply.

To actually Soft Paw them, I put the glue in all 10 caps for one cat (we did front only), my husband held her, but she wriggled a lot, so he scruffed her (while supporting her body weight), and she stopped wriggling. It was really easy to just slide them on. I trimmed their claws regularly, but for the couple of sharp ones, I just trimmed the ends before I put the Soft Paws on.

My husband also ended up putting her down a bit so she could support herself on his lap, while still being scruffed, and gave her Gerber baby food while she was getting the paws done. That's her favourite food, and she was quite happy to sit there getting treats while it was being done.

When they were all done, I squeezed them all to make sure they were sticking, then put her down. In hindsight, I should have spent more time ensuring they were all completely on, as one of them is only halfway on, but glued super tight, so isn't coming off. It's not a big deal, but it looks silly, and I'm worried it'll get caught on something.

Lily, the kitten, was easy as well. They went on without a problem, and she got baby food treats as well. Stumpy was actually trying to get at the baby food while we were doing Lily, so I don't think she was too traumatised by it

Lily was shaking one of her paws when we put her down - I think I got a bit of glue on her. Otherwise both cats didn't care at all, and I haven't seen them try to pull them off.

They still "scratch" on the scratching post - I assume they like the stretch as much as anything. Lily had been clawing up the bed rather than jumping, so had a rude shock when she jumped halfway, tried to claw up the rest of the way, and slid straight off the bed! She learnt she had to jump the entire way very fast though and has stopped trying to claw her way up everything already.

Here's how they kind of look on my Stumpy.

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When we adopted Israel from his Meowmy who couldn't keep him, he came with a set of soft paws installed, and re-do's. He has never been one to abuse the furniture, or people, for that matter, so I let them come off in the cat-post-scratching and never put them back on. I just nipped off the ends of his claws.
Then we got 2 kittens who are still paw-shy. I bought soft paws to put on them, but they also have learned to use the cat tower/tree/sisal and are not abusing the furniture.
Problem is, they sometimes pounce and miss, and stab me or the boy-child.
Also, since the 2 wild girls are so hard to trim, how will I ever get claw caps on them?
Any suggestions? I'd love to have them all in gloves, as it were, so the occasional spat or mishap doesn't become a trip to the vet!
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Have you tried having someone hold them by the scruff of the neck? that worked a treat for us! Like I said, mu hubby still supported the cats' weight so as not to hurt them, but it kept them sedate
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That is a great idea, and I will try it. My cats aren't exactly uncontrollable
Just independent!
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I wrap mine in a towel before we trim their nails or apply soft paws. It works wonders because they can't wiggle. You wrap them like you would a baby
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Hello all!!!

I got my two packs of soft paws for my girls!!! Chestnut and Angel.

Pink and Purple Small.....

I was really lucky putting them on.. Angel was sleeping by me,, so I can clipped her nail,, rubbed her head, clipped her nail, rubbed her head. Did this for all 10 nails! Then pull out the pink nails and put them all on while she slept.. It was soo simple!!!

Then came Chestnut..Ohhh first off she hattteees her nail clipped or touched. I even massage them on a daily basis. We had to put her in a blanket and she hissed and cried. It was not fun... at all.. But I clipped her nails and then put the purple ones on.

This was all on Wednesday night,, as of yet,, Angel only lost one,, but that was my fault,, there was hair stuck in the nail tip.. She lost it while scratching on her scratch board.. and Chestnut lost one,, becuase she was able to bit it off..

It still bugs them,, you see them licking their paws,, but they aren't mad at me over it.. and their nails are soo beautiful!!! Now to buy some Kitty ones for Kella.....

So I'm now an advocate for the soft paws people!!!! The girls still scratch at the boards and poles and furniture,, and me,, but it doesn't hurt.. So jump on the bandwagon,, and don't declaw,, buy the soft paws,, there pretty and cool!!!! As my little girl says too the cats,, """Ahhhh don't you have such pretty painted nails" (she's 4yo and we had to paint her nails so she matched the cats!!)..

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We had the same problem with Chestnut,, but I put her in a blanket comforter, and just pulled out a leg as I needed it.. She fought but with my husband keeping her from biting me by pushing her away,, It ended up working!!

I find it so much easier to do when they fall asleep by you,, to stroke their head and put them on!
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Poor Stumpy just got a claw/Soft Paw stuck on a bag buckle - she was making a horrible growly/meowy sort of noise, and I grabbed her and she tried to bite and scratch me and growled at me as well (she is Miss Laidback), but I realised what was wrong and manged to get her claw out.

Poor thing was very freaked out. There's one Soft Paw that's not on properly, but stuck there now, and I think it might have been that one that got stuck. I guess there's no way to get them off once they're on is there??
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I guess there's no way to get them off once they're on is there??
Snipping off the tip usually helps them fall off quicker.
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Last time Callie got softpaws, I had the vet's office put them on! She is very disagreeable when it comes to that stuff! However, I just purchased a new set and I am *trying* to apply them myself this time. Forget the pictures on the box of the agreeable cats! She's a tough one. I have scratches and claw marks all over my arms... and she's only got one paw finished. Poor thing was so stressed, I gave up for a while and she is passed out on the floor right now. I am going to try to slip a few more on while she is sleeping. I'm so frustrated!
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Stumpy's had Soft Paws get stuck on bag buckles twice now! I'm hoping it's just because her Meowmy is an idiot and couldn't them on properly (I think it's the same one that's gotten stuck, which I was able to just snip off yesterday it was on so badly...)

Hopefully the next lot are a bit less traumatic!
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ok so I've read through this forum quickly and didn't see my question asked or answered. so if it has been, i apologize and please let me know. But this is the 2nd time i've hear of "soft paws" and have a couple questions. 1. as i understand it, soft paws keep kitties from ruining the furniture/ hurting your toes when they attack you. Does this also prevent them from climbing on their cat trees? 2. if this is the case, do cats lose the excersise they get from scratching? I would love to put them on Luna, because she seems to love scratching the furniture (but not her two cat trees - go figure) and I'd rather encourage her to use those two instead. but if soft paws would save my furniture then i'm totally for it.
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Cats wearing softpaws can indeed still climb quite well.
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