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Does anyone know.......??

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Where I can good REASONABLY priced name tags on line?? You see because we've moved house my babies tags are all wrong, so I need to change them but the shops here that do them have these dumb machines that cost a fortune!! I reeealy don't want to pay £5 ($7.50??) for each tag if I can help it!! Oh and they have to either be IN the UK, or ship to the UK for cheap too!! :laughing:
So anyone know a good website??
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Rhea-Do you have a petsmart over in England? They sell some ones for like $2 or $3(US money) that you can write on yourself and all you have to do is put them in the over to shrink. I don't know how well they work out though. Good luck finding some! Do you want the ones where the info is engraved into them?
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Hey Sarah! Yep we have a petsmart over here but they don't have those "shrink to fit" ones you mentioned
Ideally I'd like the ones that are engraved. Thanks for your email too - those sites really helped!! (Not sure which one I am going with yet though )
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Rhea, I think I have got all my tags from Purina or Friskies. They often have offers on dog food bags for only a couple of dollars. Do you have acquaintances with dogs? How about your Briard (?) who's with the family? That's your best bet.
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Thanks Jeanie, good idea.... yes my sister now has my dog (Bernese Mountain dog ) so maybe she can keep an eye out for offers! Thanks love!
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Whoops! Sorry, Rhea. I couldn't think of the breed, only that it was a large dog and that the breed name started with a "B." Color me embarrassed!
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Hee hee don't worry!! I think it was also becaase I was talking to you about Briards a while ago By the way, did you get my latest email, with the pics of the Leos in??
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