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Poor thing! I'm sorry you have such bad headaches! That must be aweful. Have you ever had an MRI done by a nuerosurgeon? Sometimes those can diagnose issues that cause migranes. I have a tumor on my brain (very small- non cancerous- but It interfears with my Vertigo symptoms...took my ENT almost a year to figure it out after sending me to other doctors) I hope your doctors figure out something to help you soon. I don't get headaches very often (i'm very blessed on that note)- but when I do, a little excedrine usually does the trick for me, that's why I recommended it. I hope your doctors figure out something to help you I'm sending you lots of sinus headache vibes!
Thanks I did get an MRI, for something else not for my headaches, and the neurologist I saw mentioned that my sinuses were thickened. That's when I went to the ENT and he said there was no thickening, and that it was probably allergies. So I went to the allergist and I'm not allergic to anything. It's just so frustrating.

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I just recently saw an article where migraine headaches are frequently misdiagnosed as sinus or tension headaches. You may want to redirect your doctors to look for migraines instead.
I had migraines from 6th-9th grade. I would get them as often as twice a week, and I'd have to go home from school. They started me on a blood pressure reducing medicine and I got better. I've only had 2 since 9th grade so yeah, I do know the difference. but thanks.

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Well, my head was still hurting, so I bought this stuff called Head On. Anyone ever heard of it? It's a stick, kind of like a small deodorant. It has a ball on the end. You rub it over the area of your head that hurts. It got really cool on my face, but it has helped quite a bit!!!
I've heard of this stuff. I was skeptical at first but now that I've heard more positive reports I might try it. The thing that helps me most is tylenol, my cool lavender eye mask fresh from the freezer, some vicks vaporub under my nose, and a few hours of sleep.