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my babies

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Just wanted to see if I could make this work! Here are my black beauties!

Baby & Sulley
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they are beauties! love how black cats' fur is sooo shiny!
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Yes they take wonderful care of their coats and so far so good with hairballs!
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You have such gorgeous babies! I adore black kitties!
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Well thank you and so are yours! When people come over for the first time I tell them that their names are snow and ball lol
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Well arent those black kitties just beautiful !!!
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Beauties?, their stunning!!
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They are quite lovely...however, they look like little minxes! Like they are looking over at you, checking you out. "What's that flashy thing you have there, Mom?"

I have two black beauties at my house, Jasmine (in my siggy), and a newborn foster named Gopher.
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Very gorgeous!!
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