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Sound problems with laptop

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Hey guys

I am having some trouble with the sound on my 5 month old laptop. It is under warranty and I could send it in, but that is my very last resort. I am scared they will slick it and I will lose my iTunes music Not to mention, my classes just started yesterday. I really can't afford to go without it.

The music that plays during Windows start up and shut down is coming across very distorted every time I reboot. Other sounds randomly come across distorted as well. It seems to play fine when I am playing a song through iTunes though This makes me wonder if it is really a hardware issue, or what

I have taken very good care of my laptop and have not downloaded any programs that I don't need. The only place I really download anything from is iTunes. I don't have a problem with spyware, or viruses. McAfee runs scans every few days and it always comes up clean. Windows is up to date as far as updates, and HP runs a scan once a month to make sure all my drivers are up to date.

As a staring point, is there a way to run some sort of test on my sound drivers, or reinstall them without slicking the laptop?
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I'm not a computer expert by any means. I just have some random thoughts and questions that may or may not help you. If I-Tunes plays properly I find it hard to believe the drivers are the problem. But what do I know?

1. Is it only .wav files like the Windows start up and shut down sounds that are distorted?

2. If you play a music CD on the laptop is the sound distorted?

3. Have you checked in Device Manager to be sure that Windows shows the sound card/device operating properly? Right click My Computer, click Properties, click the Hardware Tab and click the Device Manager button. Make sure there are no yellow exclamation points showing for any of the hardware devices listed.

4. Go to the HP website. There may be a way to run a driver check from there, although if HP runs a monthly scan it may not show anything wrong. You may at least be able to download the drivers. There may also be a user forum you can check. Other users may have had the same problem. Can you email HP support without being charged?

5. I'm sure you can update drivers without wiping the drive. If you do install/reinstall drivers you may want to set a system restore point first in case something goes wrong. Then you can at least get back to the point you are at now. Go to Start, click Help and Support, click undo changes to your computer with System Restore. In the dialog box that opens select the create a restore point radio button and click OK. Follow the prompts.

Regarding your concerns about losing your I-Tunes music. One way to handle this is to backup your music to a CD. I've done it but it's a tad tricky. Go to I-Tunes Help and then to backup and follow the directions. This way if you lose your music for any reason you'll be prepared.

Good luck. I hope you can solve your problem. Aren't computers fun sometimes?
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