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Too much at once...

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Just thought that I'd post this to help out. I had no idea that this could happen. Alot of you may already be aware of it.

We had taken in a stray cat about 6 years ago. She had mats of fur all over her back and could barely move. Black and long-haired. I named her Adia and we took her to the vet to get groomed. Just under two weeks ago she started to lose weight and wasn't eating much. So we got her Nutri-Cal and were waiting to take her to the vet to get checked. The vet that we go to had told my Dad that you had to pay a certain amount of money and they had to have it when they arrived. He finally got her in on Monday.

It turned out to be severe anemia. Caused by too many fleas. I looked this up afterward because she never scratched or showed any signs of being uncomfortable. I read that only cats that are allergic to flea bites get itchy from them. News to me.

So the vet held him up for 2 hours after he got there... meanwhile the cat is extremely weak and suffering I'm sure, about him owing them a trivial 80 dollars. Nothing compared to what they have put in so far. Then they finally tell them that they can use a credit. Would have been nice of them to clue him in a week ago on that.

They finally take her in. They insert a catheter and are getting ready for her IV and she passes away on the table. I believe it was the catheter. I've read that a cat with anemia that severe shouldn't even be bathed. The stress can be too much on them at that point.

You can't help but to blame yourself in this situation. Fleas are so easy to treat. We just had no idea that she was having a problem with them. I was going to put drops on her 2 weeks ago, but she appeared to not be feeling well and the drops say not to put on old or sickly cats. Had I done it, she'd likely still be here today. Just wish I'd have known about this sooner.

Then only 2 months ago, we lost our little boy Mongo (wasn't so little actually) . He was playing with the birds outside (he hated to be inside) and just being playful was running around quickly. Darting. He ran onto the street and was hit by our neighbor. My Dad and my sister were outside and witnessed it. I just couldn't believe that she didn't stop. This is a dead end road. Slow moving. Just neighbors.

I miss them both so much. I can only hope that they are in a better place now and that I will see them again one day. I'm going to need more arms when I get to the bridge.
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Oh my goodness that is so sad, i'm so sorry

Rest assured you will see Adia and Mongo again, and they'll be at the end of the bridge when the time is right, so you have those arms open wide because when they see you they'll be knocking you over with excitement

Play happily over the bridge sweeties, but keep a watch over your mum who misses you so much

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Thank you for your kind words. They mean alot to me.

I just pray that my other babies have lots and lots of life left in them. Four more kitties at home. One 3 y/o, one 5, one 10, and one unknown. Stray also. I can't just leave the stray ones. I'm quite the cat lover.

Can't wait to see the others again.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Adia and Mongo. RIP babies. I know what you are going through loosing 2 babies in such a short time. Adia and Mongo are playing happily over bridge and watching over their mommy. Take care of yourself (hugs)!!
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RIP Sweet Mongo and Adia
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I'm so sorry for your losses.

Rest in peace Adia and Mongo, play happily at the bridge.
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i am so very sorry for your losses, RIP little ones, and big hugs to you.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
RIP sweet babies.
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I am very sorry for your losses. We have gotten a severe case of fleas, too. I didn't realize healthy adult cats could be killed by fleas, so thanks for the info.

I think you need a new vet. I understand that vets need to make a living, too, but if you are an established client they should be able to see your animal.

And try doing what my daughter does. She has a very low income, so she saves a certain amount out of every paycheck for a vet fund. It came in very handy when it was time to neuter her kitty. She even borrowed from it once when she had health problems, and needed to fill a prescription for herself. (She paid back the vet fund with her next paycheck!)

Rest in peace, Adia and Mongo. You are truly loved and missed!
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Condolences on the losses of Adia and Mongo. Yes, they are indeed in a better place, happily enjoying a good reward until you can all be reunited again, this time forever. Poor Adia, I have been told the same thing about overstressing a cat who was anemic due to fleas - my vet wouldn't "knock out" a flea-infested, weak cat who I'd rescued; we just waited on the mats, and I had to comb out the fleas as best I could - fortunately, I'd brought the cat to high altitude, low humidity and the fleas died off by themselves.
I couldn't help but chuckle when I read the last line, about you're needing more arms when you get to the Bridge yourself - hopefully, Heaven will have a section just for TCSers and other cat lovers that has some good solution to that one
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RIP Adia & Mongo
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I'm so sorry you lost two of your precious kitties in such a short time. RIP sweet ones.
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I thank all of you for your kind words again. Chloe, Frederick, Zombie, and Ackey were all taken in to the vet on Wednesday for Frontline treatments. This should wipe out the fleas. I hope.

Now I've got four outside stray kittens to deal with. It never ends for me. Cats find me or something. I'm a kitty magnet. All are going in the paper on Monday. Hopefully they get good homes with good people like all of you.

Thanks again. Hoping I won't be posting in this thread for another 20 years or so. Try to keep my sanity.
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My kitten got hit by a car, too, three weeks ago. I know how you feel. It wasn't your fault, I've learned that fate just happens, after Tiggy. Adia and Mongo thank you, I think, and won't remember you for the things that you didn't do for them, but the things you did do.
I opened the cat door a month ago, and if I hadn't, my one year old might still be here. Granted, he was too curious, but I learned not to blame it on oneself, mainly for the reason you didn't do it intentionally.
My prayers are with you, and I know you'll see Adia and Mongo over the bridge.
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