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now MY bed???

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just moved to a new place with my twins, Bombadil and Tinu (both indoor cats, neutered and spayed). haven't really had too many problems with them in the past, and certainly nothing unusual.

anyway, the house we moved into had another cat. a young male (8mo's)indoor/outdoor kitten named Levon who belonged to the person whom i am replacing as a roommate. after a few days of scrapping and then eventually becoming familiar...Levon took off and has not come back (we're guessing that someone in the neighboorhood grabbed him, as the old roommate did not have a collar for him).

Justin = the guy who moved out, who owned Levon.
Josh = current roommate

both justin and josh's bed's were peed on at different times over the course of two weeks, ( i was couching it, before justin left for seattle). after each bed was peed on, the doors to those rooms pretty much stayed shut.

until yesterday when i finally unpacked and set up my room (which was justin's room). everything was cool and normal, until earlier this afternoon...as i was about to make my bed i grabbed my boxers and they were wet...as was the blanket on top of them, and the sheets and futon surface under them.

now, they've never peed on anything of MINE before...so i'm wondering...is this a stress thing? is Levon's scent still so present in that room that they would pee on MY bed, which most likely already contains their own scent? is this a new "any bed needs piss" thing? i don't have any time or transportation to get them to a vet today, but aside from the usual response of "UTI" is there anything else that may be happening that i haven't thought of?

with justin and josh, i thought it made sense...like they were marking, or covering up Levon's scent...but peeing on my bed has me totally confused!

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Moving is stressful, stress causes health issues. Take the cats to the vet to be checked out. Target organ of stress is the bladder. Have the vet do a needle draw of urine to test for UTI

If they check out healthy invest in a black light. Chances are you have old spots of pet urine left behind and this could set them off. Get a good enzyme cleaner to make sure the stains go away permanently. www.urine-off.com is a great one
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And also, do they not like the location of their litterbox?If they are healthy, maybe they are telling you that they do not like something in the environment.
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Hey on a side note, where did you get the name Tinu from? I like it! i like Bombadil too but I know where that's from. Never heard Tinu though I don't think. I think it is a disease but why did you pick that name? If you don't mind me hijacking your thread to ask that.
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short for "Tinuviel" the nickname for Lady Luthien, given to her by her mortal lover. (a character from The Silmarillion by J.R. Tolkien. ((she is the woman Aragorn sings about in Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo asks who he's singing of...foreshadowing the effects of his own relationship with an immortal elf-woman)). the name means "Nightengale".
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god...i just moved, have no money...but i can't sit around and worry about this for much longer. guess it's another expensive trip to the vet for these guys...

thanks for the responses.
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