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Bug Question

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My friend lives near me and there are 2 strays she is feeding - she is allegic to cats, so she doesnt want to fully adopt them.
So she asks me lots of questions about this and that, I´ve seen them and they are in good-looking health. They are very skittish and we think the previous owner (many years back) either owned them and had them neutered/spayed or they trapped them to have them done. They have never looked pregnant so thats why I think they´ve been done. Anyhoo.........she´s thinking of letting them have access to her cellar - which she has to de-bug every so often - cockroaches and she is worried about using chemicals if the cats come into the cellar..............and asked me is it ok for cats to eat cockies I havent got a clue ? ?
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ick ick ick...i don't know if it'd be okay...but it's not really a very apetising thought....i'm sure there are some cat safe sprays to use for killing bugs...hopefully someone with more knowledge will be along soon!
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I have often watched in disgust as my cats eat cochroaches, crickets, and other bugs including flies. So i do not belive that there is any issue with eating of the bugs.

The chemicals in the basment is another issue.
Most affordible sprays that are common are deadly to cats.(dogs, and people)
I say most, as many pesticides that are safe for animals are not readily availble and they are often more expensive.

If the pesticide was a powder, it has a higher chance of hurting the cats as it will stick to their feet and fur, which the cat will then clean and injest.

Check with what chemical she has been using. this will certianly assist in knowing for sure if it would hurt the cats.

the general rule is that pesiticides are not safe for the cats.
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Here is a site that I found about cockroaches and cats.


Are cockroaches toxic?
Q: Dear Dr Mike,Can cochroaches harm cats? My cat Leon'ardo and I can not understand why loves to devour cochroaches then after tries to spit them out with a bit of throth. I have tried to stop him but it is too late YUK! I have to rinse his mouth out with water and give him a bowl of warm milk to get rid of that acidy smell. There are 3 types of cochroaches brown, red and black. I am concerned in case some of the cochroaches have eaten bates or have been sprayed I however DO NOT use any sprays I do have bates but they are orgainc honey and wheat by Mortein. I took that into account for Leo'. Please ease my nerves! Kindest regards Y. Austalia A: I can not find any information suggesting that cockroaches are toxic but there are over 4000 species, so it is hard to be absolutely certain. If you are interested, there is a book, "The Compleat Cockroach" by D. G. Gordon. You can order it from Ten Speed Press, P.O. Box 7123, Berkeley, CA 94707. It costs $11.95 (U.S.)
Mike Richards, DVM
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Here is my 2 cents. When I was a kid my cats used to chase roaches in an apartment that we had that unfortunately had them. They usually just batted them around, as opposed to eating them. Though now, my boy Hobbs eats flies, moths and other disgusting things, when I cant get to him fast enough. The reason why it could be dangerous, is the same reason we dont want these gross bugs touching us; some could carry germs, or even diseases. Just think what flies and roaches eat, or land on! (enough said on that). So even though it probably is safe, I try to not take chances, and keep my cat from eating the crawly things.
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well thanx all - my friend was worried about the bug-sprays and was gonna stop using it for the cats sake. She thought that the cats would be like a natural way of getting rid of the roaches But I dont think thats the case, its not like mice. I also think cats get a little bored and so they wouldnt get rid of ALL the roaches ......umm............think she´s gonna have to find a spray thats pet friendly !!
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