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So, one night I grabbed a few oreos and put them on the table next to the chair. I left to get something, and what do I come in to see? (She was totally oblivious to me taking the pictures...that determined!)

I go to get her a snack since she is obvously suffering from a bad case of the munchies, and she had already hid two cookies, and was working on getting the third!

So, I find them in the closet right by the door. I laugh, and remember to keep an eye on her. A few days later, I grabbed something for breakfast and put it on the table. I got dressed, came back, sat down, and by chance looked over...

(you can still see the bag of treats I had brought in from the previous occurance)

That's my little clepto
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Too funny - has she got the catnip munchies? Your kitty is a junk-food junkie, LOL!!!!
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Apparently! heh, I guess she takes after me
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LOL That is just too funny!!
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Too cute

They are clever, our cats, aint they ! !
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lol, doesn't she know chocolate is bad for kitties...Abilene & Isabella are my little kleptos
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Oh my, she's good at her craft!
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Awwww doesn't she look sweet trying to grab them
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That is a RIOT...I love when they use their paws like that!!!
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What a character you have there!!! A "sweet toothed" character with "big time munchies".... but none the less... a character!!
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