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Need some peptalk and good luck vibes

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I have been home for a week and a half because of a disk disruption in my lower back. Well I have had worse pain than this but added to this all our feral cats are on antibiotics for Chlamydia infection. I have been giving it in raw meat and all of them are doing great except Agnes. Agnes has probably had chlamydia since she was born - a year ago and so - and is still very feral after two and half month with us.
On top of this we are camping with the cats in a renovation objekt. I have been crawling over and under boxes, tools and building material to reach her with her piece of meat. Yesterday was the last day of the traetment ( I don't think it is enough though) and after three hours of work I got her to eat half of it.
If I could get her alone in a room and leave her there she would eat it - no problem - but we have no rooms. At lest not with doors between and without holes in the walls.
And as if this wasn't enough I discoverd yesterday that Agnes probably doesn't see to good. This could explain why she is still so shy.
For the first time her eyes are dry and clear and I would like to give her antibiotics for three more days to make sure it stays that way so please send some of those miracle vibes to me and Agnes. My back cant handle any more climbing and crawling so we need some good luck.
If anyone has any experience of how to communicate with a cat that might not see your face clearly please share your experience with us. I have posted a thread in the forum about behavior but I only had one reply and taking her to the vet again would definitly make it impossible to get close to her with antibiotics for a long time - if I even could catch her.
This wonderful little mama deserves to get as well as she can.
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Agnes, we all want you well, little one. Please know you're loved and no one is going to hurt you. You have a guardian angel caring for you, please accept her love and feel better very soon.

Back pain can be all encompassing, you feel it in every move you make. Sure hope your treatment will continue until this pain is completely eliminated.
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I don't know what type of meat you are giving her but would be be more lucky with some fish instead (or tuna in a can).
One of my friends had a cat that was i think blind from birth. She adpated quite well in a smaller home with three children and later when she was older a German Shepard dog and more cats!! I think its helpful that she hears you speak in a comforting tone of voice and that she recognizes your smell. Can you leave a blanket or old sweater with your scent for her to lay on??
Good luck with Agnes and with your back pain.
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Sending healing vibes for you and Agnes!!!! Heads up - overything will be fine!
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sending lots of luck for you & Agnes....we hope you both get better soon!
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Thank you all.

So far no success tonight but the night isn't over yet.
If I just can get the meat to her she'll eat it. She'll eat anything since she isn't a bit spoiled. The trouble is to keep the kittens away from her antibiotic since her dose is way to strong for them.
She can sit a meter from me and kind of talk to me but as soon as I move she is of. Three of the kittens are also to skittish to be picked up - outhervise I could just lock them up in the bathroom and go find Agnes but the kittens are allways between us. They eat from my hand though which makes it a lot easier to delver their antibiotics. They are the joy that keeps me up when things get tough - and they are healthy now.

That is an idea though. I can bribe the kittens to the bathroom and lock them up. I have to do it when my husband is home so he can close the door after them and I can close the other door on my way out.

Thanks for the hint I'll let you know how it went.
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Ow! I can sympathize with the back pain. Here's hoping you and Agnes do much better!
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Thanks for the vibes. My back is getting better but no luck with Agnes yet. Her eyes are still dry though. I hope I succed tonight. She is such a beauty when those dark spots below here eyes fades away. Her eyes don't look infected anymore but I know it is important to finish an antibiotica treatment.
She spent an hour in the kitchen with me this morning but the kittens are always close by - if not her so me, and she always picks the moments when I am alone and I need the asistance of my husband to get the kittens out of the way.
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
sending lots of luck for you & Agnes....we hope you both get better soon!
...)))))))))))))):........(((((((((((((((( good vibes on the way!!!
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Good luck vibes and healing vibes right over to you.
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