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Kitten Poop?

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Cairo is aprox 6 weeks ol right now. and his poops arent formed its kind of like a smelly mush! I dont want to call is diarehhea because its just a normal amount of poop just not formed?
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Have you recently changed his food or feeding routines?

At 6 weeks old, Cairo is ready to see his vet for the first time and to receive his 1st shot in the kitten series of vaccines. It would be a good idea to take in a fecal sample so the vet can rule out parasites.
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Cairo has seen the vet and he is parasitic we are treating him with Pyra wormer 1/4 cc once a week for a month Im thinking maybe its the meds making his poop icky and smelly
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Ah, yes ... of course you didn't mention that in your original post. As hard as I try to be a mindreader, I just can't seem to get the hang of it! *grin*

Adding a little rice-water to his moist meals may help a little. You might also try a little yogurt with active cultures to settle and calm the digestive flora.
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I agree with Gaye. It's most likely the worming meds. As well as rice water and a little yoghurt, a teaspoon of canned pumpkin can also help.
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im just going to ask what the heck rice water is lol!!!! Canned Pumpkin? I havent heard of that one... I am going to get some plain yogurt tomorrow and see if Cairo will take some of that. his poop is so foul smelling I am gagging
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canned pumkin can be found on your baking isle, its used for making pumpkin pie when you dont wanna do it all from scratch.
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Just to point out: do NOT buy pumpkin pie filling in a can. It is sweetened and spiced. The canned pumpkin you want will have one ingredient, and it will be pumpkin (well, maybe they put water in it, but no nutmeg or sugar or anything).
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Rice Water is the water you have from boiling rice. Get some of the long-cooking, regular rice and boil it for half the time recommended (usually the total cooking time is 20 minutes) scoop out your water and discard the rice. You can add this about a 1/8 of a cup at a time to the moist food.

When you say the poop is really foul smelling ... this leads me to ask if your vet screened for coccidia or giardia? They sometimes do not show up in a normal fecal sample - if this persists, you may ask your vet about it.
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gay, what are the other symptoms of those two diseases you mentioned? is it cureable?
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Here are a couple of good links to answer your questions about these conditions:


Common Parasitic Infections in cats:

Hope these help.
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just a quick message i know natural yogurt has good bacteria in it but its also very high in lactose (which cats are intolerant to) so this will make him have the runs! its just a suggestion .
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