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Dogs & Catnip

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As obvious as this may seem (or dumb), I guess I just never thought about it. Does catnip only appeal to cats?

Marishka does not respond to catnip toys. The only toys she will really play with are furry catnip-less mice. However, the dogs carry around the toys they find that have catnip. They have a basket full of toys in the family room, yet they seek out the ones that I have sitting on a table or something after trying to get Marishka to play.

Is it because they are jealous, and don't want to share, or they can't tell and just happen to like them as much as any other toy?

It is such a struggle to get them back, too! Normally they let you 'play' with them and their toys, but with these they grab and run and hide! They don't ever do that with toys, food, or anything else they're not supposed to have. What is it abotu these things that makes them forget the rules ?

ETA: Here are the offenders sitting together. They are always together- you never see Hans without Jasmine, and Jasmine without Hans.

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Gigi likes catnip too eat and shell take catnip toys over rubber
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The "toy" my cats most respond to? a small piece of paper balled up. They could care less about most toys but as soon as they hear paper ripping they come running...
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