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HHP Shows

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I was wondering. In HHP shows, can you show cats that are not from a particular breed, like my tortie or my marbled tabby? Tyran is approaching 5 months and Miki is approaching 9 months. Both are not declawed and both are spayed. Would I be allowed to show one of them? I know Miki would never be comfortable showing. She's too frightened in new situations and with new people. Tyran however, loves being around people and doesn't mind noise.

If so, where could I find a HHP show near Virginia.
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I'm guessing 99% of the cats in HHP classes are mixed breeds. Some judges frown on the "purebred look alikes" because they are too purebred looking.

They look for cats in good health (weight proportion to body size), grooming, and then personality. Many judges choose ones as their favorites from cats that remind them of cats they've own as a child. Or some have color favs. I was a HHP judge in ACFA - my favorites were red tabbys or calicos - so they would be more in my top cats. But I was very hard on good grooming (especially the LH's) and proper weight.

Try it and see what happens

Look up the show calendar in CFA (Cat Fanciers Assoc) for a nearby show. I used to live in Maryland and know there are many shows in that area - Maryland, DC, Virginia. I believe there are some DC shows coming up in the fall.
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Thanks. There is actually one coming to Richmond in October. I might go. How do you go about getting tickets for a cat show? Or entering your cat if you want to show?
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I do not know about the actual showing of the cats but I will be going to a fairly large cat show in Chantilly Va. on September 9. You might want to go to check it out. They are listed on the CFA website. I am going to look at the cornish rexes and see what the breeders are like. My husband wants a cornish rex kitten for our next cat. So off we go to scope things out. This show is actually where we got our cornish Zander last year.

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How far is Chantilly from Richmond?
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I bred Cornish rexes. You have a few rex breeders around in the area - Pettys are in Virginia (outside DC) and I think there are one or two Baltimore breeders - Roseric is one cattery. Not sure of their prices for pets - they all have waiting lists. You might want to consider a little older rex (retired).

As far as how to get tickets/enter. If you go to the show calendar and look up the actual info - you'll find a contact person - call them and ask about spectator price and entry info.
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