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Thursday's DT

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Well what is up with everyone today. I am so tired today - I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. Merlin enjoyed that as he got to snuggle all night with mommy. Sugarly has been in isolation for a week now and on meds for the same time. I am hoping we won't have any more anti-social behaviour from her. I am trying to talk the hubby into letting her back out to the rest of the house as she is crying to get out - it is breaking my heart! I hate hearing her cry. When I got home from work yesterday I sat with her for about 1 and a half hours. She got some brushing and snuggling and playing. She wants out of the room and the other cats want in! They are always at the door, especially when John or I are in with her - they seem to think they are missing out on something.
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Do you know - I'm tired aswell. Got plenty of sleep so I really don't know why.

Today is boring. It's quite dull and humid here. Work is dull. Everyone seems really subdued.

Oh - the sun has just come out. Sunny and humid then.

Do you get days when your colleagues are being especially uncooperative? I've got one woman who's being difficult about supplying me with images for a powerpoint presentation I'm putting together, and I've got another bloke here who has just gone to the pub with his mates for a late lunch rather than attending a meeting we'd scheduled for 2.30pm.

Don't you just HATE that?

Can't wait for hometime - get home, sit down in the garden with a glass of wine, watch the kitties frolicing and just relax.

Good job tomorrow's Friday. Going to a Jazz and Real Ale festival on Saturday night with about 12 friends - the house is going to full of drunken sleeping bodies most of Sunday methinks!
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So this is what it feels like to be 30...LOL. I woke up tired, too. I've been tired all week. Must be something in the air. Didn't do anything special for my birthday. Had leftovers for dinner and then went to Wal-Mart for toilet paper and soap. WOOHOO! We're such party animals, you know! :laughing2 Actually, the real birthday dinner comes on Sunday. When we went to the grocery store they had turkeys for $0.39 per pound, instead of the usual $0.99. So we picked up a 12 lb. turkey for less than $5.00, and turkey is my favorite! OK, so I'll probably cook it myself, but it will be worth it. I know, what everyone has said so far is "It's almost 100 degrees outside and you want to cook a turkey?!?" Yes, I do.

I'm trying to keep myself busy at work so the day goes by a little faster. I've been busy one day, dead the next all week. Today should be my dead day. Time has just been moving so slow all week, even when I am busy.

I'm ready to go back to bed.
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Day off and I'm loafing. Slept in, until 9:00. I have a doctor's appt., this afternoon. It appears that its time to have my carpal tunnel syndrome dealt with - my left hand has been numb, for a week or so.

Sunday is the one-year anniversary, of our first date but, I'll be working. Therefore, Bill and I are going to the best prime-rib restaurant in town ,tonight. He says that he has a surprise for me, too.

Bill got the lab results, from his insurance physical, yesterday: all of the numbers look good. His triglycerides are 65 and his HDL cholesterol is 107. I guess that I'm going to have him for a long time, to come.
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