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A full house?

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When is your limit on the furbabies?
At what point do you go, 'Oh my god, I am running a zoo.'

I now have 7 critters in my home. And I know 7 isn't alot compared to what some of you guys have. But we have never had over 4 until recently.

I got the five cats, Nacho, Orion, Gordito, Poptart, and the baby Cappy.
Then Apollo, my dog. And I recently took in another dog.. a small Mexican Hairless female that was used in a puppymill and abused.

And just now, after wonderiing why I am so tired... that I may be over my limit now.
Or it could be the fact that I also take care of 200 other cats every day as well.

Andd I am over my 'legal' limit by 5 animals. But no one knows that so shhh.

I won't ever get rid of any of them.. they are all here to stay, except Mia, the foster dog. (though I am hoping to add her to the family, permanently)
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I've always kept more pets than most sane people could handle.
Currently it's the 6 cats, a big dog, the parrots, tarantula and aquarium.
But I also don't work outside the home, so I can devote all the time I need to their care and emotional well being.
Not to say that it's easy, but nothing worthwhile in life really is

My mother always told me that as long as I keep second guessing myself on whether or not I'm giving them all a good, loving home, then I can rest assured that I am.
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I have 24 bettas - the females are in a tank so that's a biweekly waterchange and some of the males need changes every other day, so they take up ALOT of time. But it's very much worth it! And I have my cat Quill, but he sleeps all day so he's not too demanding!
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One cat and one Senegal parrot - which I think is the fewest pets I have ever had! If I had my way we would live in a zoo

We've had a bad year pet-wise and have unfortunately had to say goodbye to a budgie and 4 goldfish (the former due to a quite horrific broken leg and breastbone which still gives me nightmares and the latter due to the filter/pump breaking on the hottest day of the year )
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Right now

We have 2 kitties (Harley & Davidson), 2 painted turtles, and 7 tropical fish in a big pretty tank, but those are John's - I only claim the cats as mine
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I've said to myself many times I'm running a zoo and then somehow another animal appears I do feel overwhelmed at times, 10 cats, 2 dogs and a rat, working 7 days a week, plus I'm doing this all by myself, I really sometimes just wanna day off but like Arlyn said, the really worthwhile things in life are not easy, and the greeting I get from my babies everyday when I get home from work, and the fur blanket I sleep with everynight, really brings me a lot of joy, I wouldn't have it any other way
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My limit is 2, but I have 4. I love all my babies, and 4 is about all I can handle. It seems that every time I get more than 4, something happens to 1 of them, and I certainly would not want that. It is also the point for me that they become another mouth to feed, instead of another fuzzy baby. I know some folks have more of a limit than I do, and that is great. Maybe someday if I ever own my home instead of renting, it will be different.
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My limit was two for many years, then along came a third and then a fourth! I wouldn't have it any other way!
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Three cats has always been my limit, until the boys came along and I had to keep them. Now I can't imaging having more than that, though I have just discovered, as well as the male feral that lives here, a mother cat and two kittens in the hayloft. SO I am not sure what to do about them. First off is trap and take them all to the vet. But today I visited a lady with 22 cats, 8 indoor and the rest semiferal. They are all gorgeous and sat and watched us in the garden.
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10 cats
2 dogs
2 cockatiels
1 turtle
4 humans

Zoo you ask? Yes, I think so
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I have two cats and a husband. I am also thinking about getting a third once we move to a larger place.
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I have 1, but really want a playmate for her....she needs one so she can let me & my husband sleep at night. As opposed to her jumping on us and dropping her crunchy ball right on our face, then saying Meow?! And the little girl I want, I might not be able to get....and the little boy I want is just adorable (one of those cute bad boys, my type....).....but I don't know if 3 is too much for 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, living room, dining room, and small kitchen.
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Let's see....

AT one point we had a dog, 6 cats, a hamster and a guinua pig.

THe cats were strays/ferals we picked up and the dog and the kids weren't getting along.

Sir Hamster got out and ran away and Mr Guinua Pig, it was his time to go.

Now we just have Pandora and Pearl.
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We have four and I never thought I would ever have more than two, BUT if another one shows up on my doorstep WHO KNOWS!!!
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