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Weak Cat

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A few weeks ago I saw a cat in our yard, drinking from a puddle. I figured it was a stray and left it alone. It went away for a while and just yesterday, came back. I was laying under my jeep, muddy and filthy. When it got up to run away, I noticed it was very thin, emaciated looking. I brought out some food for it, and it didn't want the food and instead rubbed against me. Eventually I convinced the cat to eat and it ate everything I gave it.

My grandmother says the cat looks sick, and I must admit, the cat does not look well. After classes today (end at 11am) I'm going to get the cat into a carrier and take it down to the ASPCA. I'm not sure if they will just take the cat from me on the spot, but I don't want the cat to be out there, starving or dying from something. If the cat is dying, I want to help it if I can. It is a very sweet cat and I want to give it a chance. If it cannot be helped medically, then I want it at least to be put down so it won't suffer.
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Bless you for helping this poor kitty. I hope it is ok. Please let us know what happens.
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Instead of taking it to the SPCA after classes, I'm taking it to my local vet to have it checked out. My grandmother is pissed at me for spending money on the cat but I'm willing to do so. It will probably cost me a bit of money for this first visit, especially if the cat ends up being sick and requires additional treatment. The cat eats and drinks fine, so I hope that's a good sign. S/he could just be malnurished.

My mom's yelling at me to pay the car payment and my grandmother's mad at me for helping yet another cat. I've already told her I won't keep the cat and I won't take it to a shelter. Even though a lot of shelters are going no-kill here, a lot of them still do euthenize. I don't want to see this poor cat put down. S/he is such a sweetie. When I walked out of my house this morning to go to class, s/he was laying in my front yard, and as soon as s/he recognized me, s/he got up and came running over to me, wanting affection and food. (but most likely the food. ) S/he'd make a wonderful pet, so I really don't want to take the chance of putting the cat in a shelter that would possible put it down.

The vet appointment is in 2 hours and hopefully I won't have to spend too much money. My grandmother and mother don't like it when I help animals. I've told them again and again, that this is what I'll be doing for the rest of my life. I work and earn my own money and what I do with that money, be it buying expensive electronics or helping an animal, is my own business. I'm sorry to be so harsh with her, but they just don't get it. Helping animals is what I do.

I'll try and get some photo's of her and post them up for you all to see. I'm not sure what breed of cat she is, but she looks wild. Her face reminds me of a bobcat, though she has the long tail, body, and tabby coat of a domestic cat.
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Hey Soka...where in Virginia are you?? (just looked at your first are in Richmond) The Richmond SPCA would be a very good contact.

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I called them before they open today and on thier pre-recorded message they say that if you have a stray, call your local animal control. I can't keep this cat for any amount of time, since my grandmother is all in a fuss about me putting money towards the cat. I'll contact the SPCA today and see what they say, but for now, I'll take the cat to my vet and have him/her checked out.

(Now I have class, so I must go. After class, I'm jetting home to get the kitty into a carrier and taking him/her to the vet. I'll let you know how everything goes.)
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Originally Posted by Soka View Post
I called them before they open today and on thier pre-recorded message they say that if you have a stray, call your local animal control. I can't keep this cat for any amount of time, since my grandmother is all in a fuss about me putting money towards the cat. I'll contact the SPCA today and see what they say, but for now, I'll take the cat to my vet and have him/her checked out.

Call and ask what the chances for this cat are if you do take it to your local animal control. If the chances aren't good...I would try to rehome it.

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Good of you to help the cat.

Apparently she or he went astray or was abandonded, its no way a semiferal, as shehe rubbed on you before it ate.

Therefore, if it is medical OK, it shouldnt be impossible to find it a good home.

btw. As it is apparently a homecat, shehe perhaps cant hunt properly not even during the summer. With a little luck it is why it is so meagre and weak, not by sickedness but by starvation and worms.

edit: I was goint to tip you of a similiar thread; Cant do good things? I see now it WAS you.
Do proceed with your good work.
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With six minutes till the appointment, the stray is nowhere to be found. I was hoping the cat would be near or in my yard when I got home, but he's not there. I left some food out for him, trying to entice him back into the yard, and searched all over for him, but he has vanished. I hope he'll get here before the appointment time is up cause I'd really like to help the kitty out.

Well, I called the vet and cancled the appointment. I'll have get the cat first and then make an appointment. I have all day tomorrow free so I'll spend most of tomorrow trying to get that cat. Hopefully he'll show up at my house tonight, then I can crate him, and keep him in the utility room until I can make an appointment.
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Before leaving the house to go see Mya, I left some food out for the cat hoping to draw the cat in from wherever he was hiding. When I got back five minutes ago, the food had been eaten, so something ate it and I'm hoping it was him.
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Often they pick up bacterial infections from stagnant or muddy puddles. Coccidia, giardia is common with stray cats fighting to stay alive. Good luck catching this stray and thanks for caring.
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I've put out a bowl of water that I change. I'm keeping an eye out for him. Hopefully he'll turn up.
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I think it's great what you're doing for the cat. I'm in a similiar situation - My family knows how much I love my cat. Unfortunately she has medical problems, and I've spent more than a small fortune on her medical bills. They don't understand why I keep taking her to the vet when she's sick, they say I should get rid of her and stop paying so much. There's probably nothing you can say to make them stop. Luckily I don't live with my family, so I don't hear it much. Just keep doing what you're doing if it's what you want, and try to tune them out because you know you're doing the right thing.

I hope you're able to trap the cat and everything turns out okay, and you're able to find him/her a home. And since you're paying for the cat's care, maybe you can find a rescue group in your area who would take the cat after it's been seen and treated by a vet. They're probably more qualified to find a good home for him/her than we are.
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Its amazing how these poor things tug at our heart. I am now fostering a 6-7 month old resue that I took in and spent a TON of bux on at the vet. But tonight while I was petting her while she was laying down, and she was closing her eyes and purring, I knew it was worth every cent. Hopefully Ill adopt her out soon. Thx for helping that needy cat.
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I've known since I was about 5 or 6 that I wanted to grow up to help animals. Here I am, 19 years old, nearly 13 years later, and things haven't changed. I basically work for my animals. Part of my paycheck goes towards my car payment, another portion to food and gas, and the rest goes to my animal family.

I will turn out to be the cat lady, I can assure you. I'll be that old lady sitting on her front porch in the rocker, with three dozen cats running around me. Of course, my fiance will be with me too.
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Any update? Did you find the stray?
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