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Cold (Help!)

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I think my kitten just cought a cold last night, he started to sneeze a little bit do these weird cough sounds, and he's been doing them all morning. The vet is a long long drive away from here so I can't really take him right now, so I was wondering if anyone knows what to do to help him out? Do I keep him warm, buy him something for the cold? it makes me sad everytime he makes those noises
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auw poor soul,
is he vaccinated?
With kittens its so easy for their health to deteriorate fast! i really wouldn't want to risk his health by not taking him to the vet..& i certainly don't trust over the counter products either...
Keep a close eye on him & if he does get worse please take him to the vet
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No, he's not vaccined yet, we're taking him next week for his 2 vaccines (it's a way too long drive no car).

But I think he's getting better, he ate food (I think he drank water as well), he's stopped sneezing and coughing (maybe one or two coughs in a while) not as frequently as earlier or last night and he's playing with his tail!

I hope this means he's getting better! :/
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i hope that means he's getting better too. Glad he's eating & drinking to me thats a good sign.
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You'd better get that kitten to the vet now. Don't wait a week.
The cough can be a sign of a serious illness and it won't get better!
Consider this an emergency situation. You've got a holiday weekend coming up and no one will be around, so please go now!
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Your kitten really needs to be seen by a vet. He might have an upper respiratory infection and will need medication. This is a serious disease for kittens even if they seem to be doing okay.
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