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Mad Cat What to do?

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Ok I have a big fat cat named Howler and he use to come out to get pet and cuddled up well that is until a few days ago when my husband got me a kitten now Howler is mad a gowls all day. Is there anything i can do to make howler feel better about adding a member to the family? I still pet and cuddle with howler just to show his we still love him too but he is not the same he dont like to sit there and be pet just growls and wants to hide. Any advice?
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Howler is reacting like a normal cat would when there is a newcomer. In the Behavior Forums, check out the stickies on the ways to make smooth introductions. There are also lots of advice from the experts on similar threads.
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I'll move this to behaviour for you
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Sorry wasn't sure where to post this question thanks for the help
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i think this is pretty normal really. Howler sees kitty as an intruder but i'm sure in time he'll accept this little one. i hope!
As long as you're still showing Howler attention etc i think you're on the right track. They will really have to sort it out between themselves. In the meantime show them both lots of love & i'm sure they'll come round.
Let us know if anything changes!
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I will keep you updated on how Howler is doing.
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Buy some Feliway pluig ins and let them be. he should get over it eventually. This is very normal behavior.
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i'd say find a room in which your Howler is in and shut the door making sure kitten isnt around. luer him out with some treats or wet food. sit in that room with him and give him lots of attention and lots of play time. that way he see's that there is a time and place for him where he doesnt feel threatened by the kitten. He will adust better knowing he still has you there to rescue him from the mighty intimidating kitten.

when we first go our kitten mikey looked at me like "yeah right, you think i want this around me ma?"
when the kitten is drivin him crazy he hops up by me for some attention and somewhere out of the claws of the kitten. at night Mikey and i have one on one time where he lays in bed and we talk and he gets plenty of lovey time.(that almost sounds kinda weird)

i think with cats that are used to being alone they need the comfort in knowing that things arent totally changing and that they aren't out of the picture.
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OK It has been a long week but Howler is finally sneeking out to get some attention He will come up and smell the kitten the hiss and growl at her. He still dont like the new kitten but aleast it is a start. And I am just glad he is not mad at me anymore and is coming out to get loved up on and peted. He is my buddy so i am glad he is coming around somewhat got him some catnip and that was how he started coming around hahaha. Shake the bag and he comes running. I will add more as time goes on. Thanks for all your advice
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