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New Kitten, some questions...

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I am a new owner to a 7 week old cat. I've had him for a few days and he's litter trained and uses his scratching post most of the time. Being my first kitten, I just have a few questions to ask:

1) Is he getting enough playtime?

I am usually gone from 8 am - 6 pm because of school and afterschool cross country practice. My sister is here most of the day except when she goes to school from about 10 am - 2 pm. I'm afraid we are leaving him alone too long, but are we? Occasionally he attacks my ankles, and I've read that its because he's undersocialized. Also, out of the few days I've had him he's woken me up at night once.

2) Should he be biting and scratching? And... How do I discipline him not to?

Sometimes when I'm playing with him he starts getting rough and thinks my hand or feet are toys and starts biting and scratching. I'm assuming he's just playing but I know that I shouldn't let him get used to it. Also, I've heard squirt bottles of water, or yelling "Ouch" or "No" work as good methods of prevention. I've also tried averting his attention to toys.

3) When I'm home is it okay for him to roam the house without supervision?

I've read its best to keep a young kitten in one room while he is still young. I'm just wondering, should I let him out and about while I'm home?

4) How do I get him away from wires?

I have video games, fans etc. with wires hanging. I've heard that you can buy sprays that are not pleasant for cats to taste. Does also telling him no or spraying him with water work?
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if you re worried about him not getting enough playtime you could think about getting another kitten for him to play with if thats a possibility

he should not be biting and scratching, even out of play. if you let him learn this behavior is accepted, he will still be doing it when hes an adult and it will hurt even more and by then it will be nearly impossible to teach him to stop. diverting him with toys is good, he might also need more playtime, have a toy in your hand and let him bite that, if he bites your hand, say no and immediately stop playing with him for a few minutes and try it again later.

i dont think its necessary to confine him to one room.

some people do the spraying with water thing. others say it stops working after a while, others think it makes the cat associate the water with you and not with the behavior.
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Our kitten used to bite and use her claws when she played with us. We just did as jaycee suggested and then if she played with us and didn't use claws/teeth we praised her for it. We've had her almost 2 months now and she never uses her claws anymore when playing with our hands/feet and rarely bites. Just make sure she knows it's bad but also knows when she's doing it right too.

At 7 weeks old i'd probably not let him have free run of the house - but that's just me, i'm a worrier and it would drive me nuts. I thought I had read though that at that young they should be kept to one room. I can't really see the harm in letting him have free run when you're home though. We got a collar with a bell on for Libby when we let her - just so we'd know where she was and so there's be no panic if we couldn't see her.

We have a lot of cables in our bedroom, I bought some bitter apple spray and put it on them. After the first week of that, she never bothered again. We still unplugged everything in each room when we're not in it, just in case, but she seems to have learned really quickly not to try biting them.
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