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The last 2 pics taken of Chuckie

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These 2 pic were taken 1 week before chuckie had to be PTS.

He looks big and healthy, so you can imagine what a shock it was to see him lose all of his weight so fast.

RIP my sweet angel
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oh what a darling ! lots of warm {{{{{hugs}}}}}
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Bless his little heart You wouldn't have thought anything was wrong either Diane
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Awww...darling Chuckie. He was such a sweetie pie Diane
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Chuckie, such a beautiful boy!
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Ohhh he's so beautiful I am so sorry, you now know you have a little angel in heaven looking after you
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He was such a sweet little darling!
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Oh my goodness.... what a big handsome ball of fluff he was!!!!!
And you are right... he looked as healthy as could be.

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i still have trouble remembering he's gone... he looks beautiful in those pix!
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What handsome pics! Thank you for sharing them with us, I'm sure that was hard. He sure looked the picture of health. Hugs to you at this difficult time!
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He looks so beautiful in those pictures. It's so nice that his last pictures are so beautiful. I agree you would never know he was sick by the look of those pictures.
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Diane, those pics gave me goosebumps..........God bless his little soul..........
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God bless his 'lil soul. He is such a darling thing.

RIP sweet Chuckie.....

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