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Kitten trying to nurse on male cat?

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I've had 2 cats. And we've just recently found 2 more kitten strays over the past 2 weeks. So I've had them for about 2-3 weeks, and just now one of them is trying to nurse on one of my male cats I've had. We brought the kittens to the vet, and they didnt say anything about them being young. (I believe the vet aged them around May 15th?). Why in the world is he trying to nurse on him, and why is he starting now instead of when we first got him? Thanks!

And most importantly, what do I do??
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Hes just looking for comfort. I wouldnt worry about it.
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Hi Ghostchant- I agree with Pami. It is just looking for comfort. My cats are of all one family and STILL do it once in awhile. Not really nurse...but "assume" the position and cuddle like that whether male or female. But when they were older kittens...they didn't care where they were at...they "nursed", as long as the older cat allowed them to.
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Okay, thanks. I didnt know if it was something that I should stop him if I see him doing it. :P
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Try something fury, a blanket or something faux fur, this gives them a feel of snuggling with mom like they did when they were babies.........maybe a stuffed animal..............larger then the kitten and on a chair or in a box so they can curl up with it.
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Billy who is 4 months sucks on Cobee but he doesnt mind...Billy also sucks on my girlfriend's frog (A large plush frog she was given years ago) and she doesnt like that so we bought him his own small frog about half the sze as Jenn's. It is the same fabric and he loves it....we have noticed this keeps him away from sucking on our heads at night we just place his frog on the bed between us and set him on it and he sucks away until he falls asleep...hehe.

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My cat is now 9mths old and sucks on HIMSELF lol he started off sucking on his brother when i first got them, but now whenever u rub him or hes sleepy he sucks himself. Maybe one day he will grow out of it
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