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Facial products

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My skin has been flipping out these past two months (hormones and such) and at the moment Im using Bore and its the Shine-Free line that i use.
I still have a terrible oily t-zone. Im thinking about switching produts, trying a brand like Clinique.

Anyone use a great product...got suggestions?
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My t-zone used to be an oil pit as well. I started using the Tea tree oil line from the Body Shop about 2 years ago and my skin has improved SO much. It's much more balanced - not too oily, not too dry. I also started using mineral makeup about 10 months ago, and that improved my skin even more.
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If you use anythig with tea tree oil in it, please be very careful. It is very toxic to cats.
I have been using Physician's Formula Mineral Wear for about a year, with great results.
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Just to let you know, all of the expensive "toners" have the same main ingredient, and that is witch hazel, available at the drugstore for 99 cents a bottle. They have other stuff in them, but honestly they're all, including Clinique, witch hazel. Witch hazel is toxic to cats, though, and many of them really like the smell, so be careful.

When I don't use witch hazel as a toner daily I break out a little, but when I do I hardly see any problems.

The best, for me, is Oxy10 (which stains some towels, as it has peroxide) followed by witch hazel, followed by a mild, oil-free moisturizer. I've been trying products for a decade now, and that's the first routine that has totally worked.

And I seriously recommend a dermatologist (I have to go because of the absurd risk of skin cancer in my family) but for mild/moderate problems they have a really sweet moisturizer called Clindamyacin, a topical cream (there's a gel too, for severe acne) that did wonders for my that-special-week-of-the-month problem in high school.
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I agree with witch hazel, and if you look around at some WAHM shops (feel free to pm me for links to some of them) they have wonderfull mixes of Witch Hazel and Hyrdosol waters, my personal favourite is Witch Hazel & Orange Hydrosol water as oranges are known for cleansing properties.. at camp we used to rub orange peels on our faces and WHOO the dirt and oil we pulled off.

I also use an Organic deep cleansing Kaolin mask with some essential oils in it once a week, and Mineral make up and i think my skin is fab lol much better than it used to be for sure!

and make sure to keep witch hazel & essential oils away from kitties.
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Because I work outdoors know instead of inside I don't wear "makeup" much any more. But I always use a ligher moisturizer in the summer than in the winter months. I used a facial toner made by an herbalist in the southern part of WI thats works well. I think it pays to go to a shop where they can give you good advice vs standing at a drug store wondering what to buy!! I usually buy Origins products.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
If you use anythig with tea tree oil in it, please be very careful. It is very toxic to cats.
I have been using Physician's Formula Mineral Wear for about a year, with great results.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that! I keep mine in the medicine cabinet, so it's within reach for me but out of reach for the cats.
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I went to the dermatologist and ended up spending a ton, even after insurance, on facial products. I have now found a combintation of items that works perfect for me. I have hardly had a breakout in 6 months. I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. I also use the new Oil of Olay toner for combination skin.
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