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Brings me 'Presents'

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From the time she was a baby when I would be busy on the computer I would hear her meowing in the living room or hallway. I thought she was looking for me so would just answer her "Here I am" "Come", etc.

Guess I'm not too bright - after many months I realized that whenever she did this I would find something lying in the hallway outside the compute room. When she was little it was usually one of her toys. Now that she is older, nearly 2 yrs, it is one of her 'treasures,' These are things she just seems to like to carry around & leave lying around, usually in the middle of the living room floor. I have to go around nearly every day & pick them up & put them in her toy box.

She likes pieces of bubble wrap, a felt butterfly with a bell on it & her current favorite is a small plastic bag that her toy mice came in.

I have to laugh whenever she does this & wonder why she does this.

Betty & Mandy
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MANDY - You hit the nail on the head when you titled your thread - she is bringing you presents!!

And....she is using her hunting instincts too!
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Mandycat....oh how I would love "presents" like that! I am fortunate to receive dead/partially dead mice! I think I am going hunting for some bubble wrap today! LOL
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