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See if your cats enjoy this!

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Came across this site and it kept some of our cats interests!!!
(sound required, QuickTime required)

PS, it helps to have the cats by the computer
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Woke Mooch up out of a deep sleep!
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So far I think she likes the can opener one best! Her eyes are all big and she's staring! LOL! Too funny!
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That sure got there attention, alright!
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Jasmine could care less for it, But Isabella freaked out when she heard the cat scream and the cat growl lol....It was funny-my little scardie cat jumped when she heard those.....she didn't really pay attention to the other ones though. Velvet and Abilene were in different rooms.
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If Mushi could have pooped his pants..
He probably would have.
Kipper's still sleeping.
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LOL! The cat scream one stopped Anya from eating in the OTHER ROOM and brought her in here. She hopped up on my lap and then the desk and was circling the monitor/computer over and over looking for where the cat was as I played the other sounds.
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Drove Jake nuts but the kitties didn't move
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Cool! The two boys came running and then Lucy joined them. Ethel is probably too far away to hear this...she would love the prey animals! She is our huntress!

All of my cats love the catsitter dvd, and play with the cursor on the 'puter. Thanks for yet another distraction for the poor, restrained wild tiggies that live in the prison that is our house!
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Both my cats came running from upstairs and are now totally confused!
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