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Schedule of kitten shots

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I have given my babies the first distemper and wormed them. Now we go next week for distemper #2. I know they will tell me, but when do we get distemper #3? Is it true that I am in essence wasting my money on feline leukemia as I have only indoor cats and I have no intention of them ever being outside unless by pure accident. What else should I think about getting as far as shots go?

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I was wondering the same thing as well. When I asked my vet about the next set of shots beyond the usual shots (like feline leukemia, etc), she said that since they were indoor only, that the leukemia wouldn't be necessary. But it was up to me, if I wanted them. I think I will have them vaccinated, but am curious to other people's thoughts.
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Our general guidelines is that they will receive the FVRCP vacc. at 8, 12 & 16 weeks of age. Unless they were to get started later. So, if the kitten started vacc at 13 weeks, they would get their first one, and then a booster 3-4 weeks later. Our guideline is that the last booster is given at or after 16 weeks.

As far as the Leukemia vacc goes, if it is going to be strictly indoor, and not come in contact with any other cats that go outside, the don't need the vaccine.

For indoor cats, they need the distemper (FVRCP) and a Rabies vaccine.

Hope this helps!
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That does help. I was curious as to what others say about vaccinating for leukemia with only indoor cats. I am probably go ahead and do it, but have not totally made up my mind one way or the other. Just gathering information right now.
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