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Have you ever sat on your cat?

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Last night Sibohan ran behind me when I was halfway sitting and I sat on her (No fat jokes please) I got up as quick as I could but I was terrified that I had hurt her.
I think it rattled her a little bit but she seems okay I checked her all over for anything broken but should I be worried about internal bleeding or anything.
Am I the only Meowmy that has sat on their child I feel like an abusive parent.

P.S. this is Sibohan now
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I think we've probably all done that!! Glad he's ok!
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I don't think you did any damage. She is'nt limping or nothing like that is she? Has she went poddy #1 and 2 yet? Gently squeezy her tummy area to make sure there are no sensative places, that could indicate a broken bone or internal bleeding. Has she eaten yet? Just keep an eye on her. If you sense anything out of the ordinary take her to the vet.

And no, your not the only one who has sat on their furkids when Murphy was little he used to like sleep underneath the blankets- he was so small you could'nt tell him from a lump in the bed- well one day, with my hands full mind you, I go to sit down on the bed, and fell squirming underneath me he was fine, other than being annoyed that meowmy sat on him needless to say, he does'nt sleep under the blankets anymore.
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Ive sat on teufel plenty of times, because kaylee is smart enough not to jump up behind me lol!
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I sat on Velvet once a while back and felt horrible for it. I think she has forgiven me for that since then. I'm sure your kitty is just fine...but keep an eye out just in case
post #6 of 18're not alone. Tailer is always jumping up behind me just as I'm sitting down. He thinks it's some kind of game. And Forest...well, he doesn't even know where he's going to end up most of the time, so he's forever getting accidentally kicked, stepped on, or sat on. Just keep an eye out for anything that seems wrong, but she's probably fine.
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I frequently sit on Jacob! He seems to love to slip into a chair just as you're sitting down! I'm not as quick as I used to be, so sometimes he gets sat upon! When he was a baby, I was surprised he managed to grow up, considering the number of times he dashed into a chair as someone was sitting, or slid into the lazy boy as it was closng! Good thing they have nine lives!
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Yeah I've sat on my cats now and then.
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I've sat on Bit many a time. Usually I get a swat on my rump, and an annoyed trill before it happens though.
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Poor Flibbo got sat on when he was a kitten. He was fine, though.

Now I always look before I sit.
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Many, many, many, many times.
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I've never sat on Quill, but he's sat on me plenty of times!
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Unfortunately all the time, since I have four black cats and an apartment which is way too dark for my taste. Also, my cats like the warm spot I leave on the chair when I go fetch something, and when I come back they are all behind me.
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Last week zakk would not get out of the computer chair without some prodding. I even went as far as to make like I was going to sit on him, got very close, and he still didn't move!! Finally I just had to move him.. For my smartest cat he sometimes isn't. I don't think I've ever really sat on one, but they have all been tripped over, bumped and briefly stepped on.
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Big Guy Dino is always getting in the way he loves to be near me, so he scooches up whenever he can, this means he gets sat on
So, it looks like we are all guilty of cat-sitting now and then !!
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I have not sat on her, I have tripped over her, many many times....
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I have almost sat on them.
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Having two deaf cats...and lots of white blankets, covers, etc.....yes!
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