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introducing a male and a female cat

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I just visited a rescue and met a wonderful little cat. She is a tortie and just the sweetest thing. I held her and she was already snuggling right up under my chin!!! She is about 8 months old. (If i get her, I am naming her Stella)

Ripley is just over a year old and a male. He is friendly, came from a rescue where he was around ALOT of cats and seemed to get along very well with everyone. He is also not a super dominant cat.

The little girl kitty was kept with her VERY outgoing sister. Stella seemed the quieter of the two. Playful, but not as in your face as her sister. Stella has all her shots, is wormed and has tested neg. for fel/fiv (I think that is the abbreviation)

I had thought I would keep her in the kids playroom for the first few days. (now that they are in school, it is pretty quiet in there, most of the day - they only go in there to get dressed/changed) How long do you keep them seperated and what are the signs that they seem ready to meet and greet in person??? Thanks!!!

Now, all I have to do is convince my dh that this is a good idea. I was thinking of getting her during the week when it is quieter around here, rather than the weekend when everyone is home and it is much louder.
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Check out this thread "Introducing New Cats to Old":


It's from the "sticky" thread at the top of this forum: Have a Problem Behavior- Look Here First!
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i kept my male and female seperated for only one day before i let them meet. the first meeting was very short because it looked like a fight might break out. i let them meet again the very next day, they hissed and stared at each other but i let that go on a good long while so they would get used to each other. after a while the male stopped hissing and became interested in trying to play with her but she wouldnt have it. over the next few days there was a lot of hissing and growling from the female while the male followed her around. finally they started playing together and a fews days after that they were grooming each other

acording to most of the advice ive seen, i rushed the process, but it worked out well in my case.
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Originally Posted by bronte73 View Post
fel/fiv (I think that is the abbreviation)
Yes, quite. But they are usually written with big letters, in any case the first.

To your question. As you describe them, two young, sociale, kind cats you dont need worry and shouldnt need to overdo it.

Take him to a room before you bring her in.
Let her in that room they will meet. Let her look around and smell around say one hour. Or two. So she knows the room and feels somewhat safe.
See there are some places where to retreat to if necessary. And some places to take shelter if hostilities would begin. (some shelf f.eks).
Ah, yes, shorten their nails some before they meet. Better safe than sorry.

And you open the doors and let him in...

Some hissings, some smellings, and probably they are pals in one hour.

If you feel unsure, have her in the carrier or a dog crate when he comes in. So they can smell on each other. If there are not more than occasional dutiful hiss - you open the carrier-box so she can get out when she herself wants.

Some hissings, some smellings, and probably they are pals in one hour.

But by all the means, do have a room all for her own in reserve, and a prepared net-door or similiar...
Like you sometimes taking insurance in two different insurance-companies.
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