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Playing with laser toys

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I've just bought Mosi a laser and he loves chasing the light up and down the room. He looks very puzzled when I switch it off though and he can't find it. He's in the kitchen now looking for it everywhere I remember the last laser I had said something about giving your cat a treat or something physical he can catch every now and then so that he doesn't get frustrated at not being able to catch anything. To those whose cats play with a laser - what do you do? Do you give your cat something to eat? At the end of the play session or at regular intervals throughout? I tried to substitute the light for a toy but that didn't work as he was still looking for the light.
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I would end the laser session by making it go under something, like a chair or under a door. Then I would give Nakita a treat or distract her with something else.

The first time I played with her I made the dot go under the couch and then I got a phone call. The call lasted at least 40 minutes and when I came back Nakita was still looking under the couch. Poor girl!
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Speaking of lasers, I've been wating to get one for my kitties. Do you know where to buy them, I couldn't find one at Wal-Mart last time I was there.
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Originally Posted by TiffanyL View Post
Speaking of lasers, I've been wating to get one for my kitties. Do you know where to buy them, I couldn't find one at Wal-Mart last time I was there.
I picked up a replacement laser light at petsmart. I remember it being around $8 or $9. You can also find them here.....

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Tyran and Miki go crazy over the lazer. They will take turns chasing it, and I have found that Tyran is quite the jumper. She will go anywhere to find that little red dot. If ever I want them out of a certain room or I want them to come downstairs, I simply turn on the lazer pointer and guide them with it to where ever I want them to go. Its like magic. My grandmother loves it since she doesn't have to pick up the cats to bring them downstairs. I don't normally give my cats a treat afterwards or during. They know the source of the dot and often times will paw at the lazer pointer when they want to play.
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It does make me laugh how long the look for it! My lot will do the same for weeks if they found and ate a spider somewhere!

I usually start the game with the light on my leg and then end the game that way, so I'm kind of in control! (I also sometimes 'eat' the light at the end!)

I haven't heard about the treats thing before though!
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Originally Posted by Sar View Post
I also sometimes 'eat' the light at the end
Does it taste good?! What I did last night was replace it with a feather on a stick toy so that he can go from chasing something he can't catch to something he can catch, but at first he doesn't want to play with the feather - he just wants his light! His face is a picture when he's trying to figure out where it's gone. Jaffa, of course, knows better. He knows exactly where it comes from and won't lower himself to chase after an elusive light (but he does follow it with his eyes!).
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Yes, it's delicious! Kind of tastes like chicken!

They are hysterical when they're looking for it, so intent! I'd love to know what was running through their minds!

That sounds like a good idea, but Annie and Willow go mad for both and will keep dragging the feather wand to me for more play!

Bless Jaffa! I bet he would chase it if Mosi didn't hog it!
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My girls LOOOOVE the laser pointer!!! They'll chase it until we get sick of it I don't give them a treat afterwards - they have plenty of toys they chase and catch. They also have little mousies that they love chasing which they always bat under the couch. So they get used to the disappointment of losing toys whether it's the mousies or the crazy red dot.

I can "retrieve" the red dot as easy as the mousies. The cats must think I am just the most amazing thing in the world. I make food appear in their bowls and toys appear out of nowhere
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