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Radio question of the day: (take 2) 08/29/06

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How many times do you do this?

(A poll really is coming this time)
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Ha! I said I didn't the first time!! Butu I really do!! Every morning! I would feel bad for anyone who had to smell my stinky morning breath!!
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Twice - morning and night
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I always brush in the mornings and have good intentions of doing it again at night, but never do.

No cavities since I was a little bitty kid though so I must be doing something right!
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Usually twice (morning and night), sometimes 3 times if I really need to or I'm going out somewhere.
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Twice morning and night. I may even do it three times if I'm off to the movies or dinner out.
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Twice a day
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I bet your dentists love you!! I can't bring myself to do it at night. Unless i have eaten something that leaves an icky taste in my mouth!
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I'm with Emily, always in the morning and I mean to at night, but rarely do although like Jenny and Eva, if I go out I definitely brush before hand
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Twice... I have really bad teeth. If I don't then I'll be at the dentist getting them all pulled.
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Three times a day, waterpik twice a day and mouthwash three times a day.
I have only one cavity ever and it was caused by the barbel in my tongue.

I do have bad teeth though due to my front teeth being reabsorbed, root first
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Flossing and brushing after every meal........and I try to waterpik after every meal too! Can;t do it if I'm not at home though!
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Twice a day here. Brushed mine just minutes ago. My teeth are horrible.
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At least 3 times a day & floss at least once- If I have fetish about anything it's my teeth
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I'm working on twice. I deffinatley do first thing in the AM. It's the night time when I get lazy! I guess I care if my co-workers think I have stinky breath and I don't care if my DH thinks I do!
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Brush and floss three times a day. I can't stand the feel and taste in my mouth if I don't. Also, I had gum surgery three years ago so I have to be diligent about my teeth and gums. The strange thing is I was doing the three times a day bit even before the surgery but still had bad gums.
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in the morning, in the afternoon before I go to the shelter to volunteer, and then at night before I got to bed.
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Seeing as how I'm going to be a Dental Assistant I am really keeping up with my teeth more and more....

Three times a day and floss at least once.
Today though I got my teeth flossed and brushed 3 times in one sitting! We did how to brush and floss today and I was a patien 3 times
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How do you make a poll on here? Thanks
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