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Poor Yeller has FIV

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I took two Boo, Sassy, (the two new kittens), and Yeller, (ex feral), in to get their vaccines started yesterday. The kittens are happily in good shape with a teeny possible problem with Boo having a bit of a prolapsed anus that we have to watch.

My sweet Yeller tested positive for FIV though. I suspected as much since he has occasionally had weepy eyes on and off since he was neutered. His teeth also are in pretty bad shape and I'll have to discuss the pluses and minuses of a dental for him a little bit down the road. I'm thinking that unless he has real problems due to his teeth that surgery may be too much to put him through with his already compromised immune system. At this point though he is a big boy of 16 lbs. and not fat at all.

The good news is that he has never been an agressive cat and I'm not overly concerned about him fighting and passing on the FIV to my others. I guess I really have no point to posting this other than to share with others that understand the fur family. My mate and his mom really don't have much of a clue about what's good, bad, right or wrong when it comes to my kids.

I have thought occasionally in the past that if I knew someone that wanted a lone cat to love that Yeller would be the cat for the right person because he is so gentle and loyal. When he first came in the house he would lay near me and follow me everywhere I went. It didn't matter if I just walked across the room for a cup of coffee, he would get up and go with me and back.

For the next four days he is getting Zithromax in hopes of clearing up his occasional weeping. I'm sure you all know what I mean when I say that I always feel like such a bully when having to give my little ones meds, but give it I do.

Ya know, I just love my ferals that have chosen me. They all seem to have a special gratitude and love about them.

I guess I've rattled on enough for no good reason. I just sometimes really feel the need to share about my fur kids even though I have no questions or helpful advice to offer.

One more thing.... My new vet has really instilled me with a feeling of comfort and security in having her care for my crew. She drew blood from Sassy and Yeller yesterday and neither of them seemed particulary bothered about it. I mention this because one vet I used to use, (definite past tense), couldn't seem to hit a vein without causing severe distress and at the time I thought it would be that way with all vets. I am so glad to know I was wrong.

It is with definite gratitude to TCS that I have learned much about cats and the treatment of them and I will happily continue to come here to learn more.

Thanks to TCS and all it's members for making life a little easier and much more informed for this cat mom!
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Trudy, I am so glad to hear that you are willing to keep Yeller. I have known many a cat mom or dad who has euthanized their baby because of being FIV +. Yeller sounds like such a sweetie, give him a hug for me. While I am sorry he has to be FIV+, he is lucky you found him & are willing to take any ups & downs that may come with it.
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That is so great you are keeping him! I used to think that FIV and FeLv cats had to be euthanized. FIV cats can almost always be with negative cats though. Only way to pass it is by mating or serious deep puncture wound fighting. As long as they aren't doing those things it cannot be passed by litterbox or food bowls so they are fine. FeLV is the one to watch out for. That is passed a lot easier and the cat should live in a FeLV + house.
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i am so glad you are not seeing this as a death sentence for him, good on you.
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Yeller got his first round of vaccinations which included the Feline Leukemia Vaccine. All of my cats that have been vaccinated have gotten the Feline Leukemia shot and microchipped so if they should end up in the puind or at a vets office they can scan and get their information.

My vet told me that it was really important for Yeller to have that vaccine to help protect his compromised system.

I asked her if there was a vaccine for FIP, but she said there wasn't and discussed how the corona virus mutates, which I had already read a little bit about here.

I just really can't imagine not keeping any of my cats. After all, they are family.
And there's one of my family members now, trying to get my carrot cake!
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