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What's your favourite breed/colour??

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Apart from the gorgeous cats you have which may be your favourite breed/colour, what are your 2nd favourite breed/colour? I just LOVE black and white cats here's a few of my fave b + w kitties on TCS:
And many more!!(don't worry, I haven't forgotten you all!)
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the colors I love are tigers and tabbies since I have one of each..I am also partial to orange cats and bengals.. the breed domestic short hair. for dogs I love pit bulls, labs, rotties, and hounds. the colors I like are black, brindle, and the ticking a dog could have. (i.e. red ticking for heelers, hounds, etc.) I love all dogs, though but I prefer big dogs.
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I LOVE seal and chocolate point Siamese kitties, I hope to one day get a pure bred
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Aww, my boys thank you

I have a few favorite colors:
Torties, closely followed by calicos
Any pointed cats
Any tuxedo cats
And red classic tabbies.

And since Miagi's Mom brought it up, for dogs I love the merles both red and blue, brindles and tri-colors.

I really have no favorite breeds of either cats, or dogs
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No favorite breed, but my favorite colors are (in no particular order) solid black, black/white, gray/white and solid white. Can you guess why?
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I love calicos, b&w's, rag dolls, birmans, bengals & pure white long hair kitties. I LOVE long-haired kitties, persians too and himalayans.
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Oh, I forgot Maine Coons, I just love them.
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I've always liked black & white cats, even before I got my own. By black & whie I mean cow kitties and tuxies, not van.. Don't think I've ever really personally met a van. They are usually pretty friendly.. only met one shy girl once, though another friend has her son and he is friendly. My boys are interested in people, and don't mind strangers. The coat also makes them each unique.
I also like orange boys though my experience is mostly limited to my own and the ones I hear about on this site, esp Tiggy. They just seem to be cute little goofballs.
I also like the look of torbies and torties, very pretty.. I've never met breeds of cat except siamese and maybe a persian.. I find the british shorthair, scottish fold and ragdoll breeds intriguing.
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I have never seen one I didn't like but I think I would have to pick a big Orange or a Black and White or a tabby or any of the Maine Coons ,Saw some at a Cat show in San Diego and WOW what beauties I love big cats
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I'm a fan of the good old DSH & DLH. I'm not one for fancy pure bred cats, give me a good old rescue kitty any day. Don't get me wrong I think pure bred cats are beautiful, but my heart belongs to the homeless cats. My favorite color is Grey. I don't know what it is, I think it has to do with my Smokey who blessed me with 17 & 1/2 wonderful years I just love Grey cats & I think they have some of the best personalities. My second favorite is cats that are white with Tabby markings. (If you've ever seen my kitties this makes sense. I've got 2 greys & 2 white & tabbies). However, I think the white with Tabby marked cats tend to be more spunky but still very sweet.
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I'm partial to Siamese mix (lilac or seal pointed), Torties and Calicos.
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OMG!!!!This is hard!!!! I don't really have a favorite,because I like them all sooo much Personally, all of my kitties are rescues. 2 are purebreed rescues (Jasmine- torti-point siamese..& Isabella- odd-eyed Turkish Angora.) 2 are moggies (Velvet- black dsh....& Abilene- dsh tiger tabbie) I love all of my babies equally and I think each of them are unique and beautiful. I would never personally buy a kitty from a breeder because there are way too many kitties out there in shelters that are euthanized on a daily basis because they need homes- purebreeds and non-purebreeds. I think every kitty is beautiful and deserves a wonderful forever home! I especially love shelter kitties and rescues- there are soo many different breeds, colors and personalities at animal reacuse- what's not to love!!!

I guess if i did have to choose just one favorite breed, it would be Turkish Angoras...because they are soo unique and stunningly gorgeous and elegant.They origionate from Turkey....and the AnkaraZoo has special permits and breeding programs there that focus mainly on Odd-Eyed Turkish Angoras. They are stunning! The prophet Muhommed had an odd-eyed Turkish Angora that he loved immensly- so that specific breed and type of kitty are really revered and popular there. So much to the extent that you have to have special permits to adopt a purebreed Turkish Angora from the Ankara Zoo. If say a breeder in the US wanted to start breeding Angoras and wanted to be 100% sure of the lineage, you would need to fly to Turkey, get permits, and get papers from the Ankara Zoo before you'd be able to fly back two in order to start a breeding program back in the USA. There are a few true Turkish Angora breeders in the US (many times people get confused and call their gorgeous kitties angoras because they resemble them...but a purebreed Turkish Angora in the US is pretty uncommon)....but they are few and far between. Some are in it for the love of the breed, and some, like Isabella's horrid breeder were just in it for the money- My little Isabella has direct lineage from Turkey.....yet her breeder didn't care about her, she only saw dollar signs- she beat her and abused her then dumped her off at the Memphis Animal Services with her papers and contact number. Luckily,the rescue organization I volunteered with at the time rescued her and took her too our shelter. She was soo badly hurt and traumatized that I wound up fostering her...lets just say she never went back to be adopted out . She adopted me and decided that she would like to make my house her home. A little known fact about Turkish Angoras is that they do not have a second undercoat of fur like many longhaird breeds do...that makes it a bit easier to groom them and they virtually never matt I will say that there are a few downsides to the Ankara Zoo- one of which is they only want White Turkish Angoras....this is because Muhommad's cat was a white odd-eyed Turkish Angora...so the other ones are seen as flawed or imperfect and many are thrown out on the streets. That makes me sooo sad!!!!!! I wish I could save them all! All kitties reguardless of breed or coat color/pattern are beautiful!

here is the story of one ladies trip to the Ankara Zoo to adopt a Turkish Angora

Here is some more information on the breed and another story
My little Isabella

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Originally Posted by eilcon View Post
No favorite breed, but my favorite colors are (in no particular order) solid black, black/white, gray/white and solid white. Can you guess why?
hummm...I have 4 good guesses....and they're all adorable
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I can't pick!!! I just love them all too much!
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I've never been particular about a cat's breed, I have always owned mixed breeds and they make excellent pets!

Longhaired calicos-- I wish I had one!
Shorthaired black-n-white Tuxedo cats
All white cats- long, medium, and short haired, SO striking.
Oriental faced cats. They are beautiful

Dalmations-- I love the polka dots
Rotties-- so stately and beautiful
Pugs-- precious little squished faces!
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For color, I love tuxedo, charcoal gray, orange, and spotted. I really miss having an orange kitty.

For breeds, well, as you can see I LOVE bengals

OH, and for dogs, I think Corgis are beyond adorable!!
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For colors I like Tabby's, black & white, and all black <- the only colors we've ever had!

As for breed I'd have to say Bengal... getting one in November!
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Aww congrats!! You will loooove him/her!!
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Favorite color is a silver tabby or silver tabby/white. My rb kitty Cleo was this color.
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I love tuxies, and I've always wanted a red/orange tabby. As for breed .... For some reason Siberians make me melt! But I would rather any day take a shelter cat home than from a breeder.
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Siamese-Seals,Blues, Chocolates & Lilacs
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I have fallen in LOVE with the Sphinx! The color doesn't really matter.
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Breed and color never mattered to me. What mattered to me is that I get them young so I could train them to do all kinds of tricks.
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I like standard breed kitties, aka "Domestic Whatever Hair" or "Moggies" the best, by far. Give me moggies in every different color- there's not a color or pattern I don't like. I have a special soft spot for blue kitties or dilute calicos...not for any particular reason....they just catch my eye

As far as dogs, I like shepard-y looking mutts Again, I'm not into purebreds.
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I adore American Curls...I've always loved that they come from the US domestic cat population. No one made them, they simply came to be, a spontaneous genetic mutation that is something truly special.
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I love more than two colored kitties!
I am thinking in 2 years my next kitty will be a tortie. Not to sure about, tortitude though.

I like the spotted or marble look!
I dunno I lucked out on my Maine Coon mix so I dont think I would ever get a pure bred.
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I like breeds:
British Shorthair, Selkirk Rex, Ragdoll.
This my favourite breeds
About color:
i like all light colors include linx point colors.
All colors with lilac, cream, chocolate, blue, red- (solid and tabbyes).

Oh, i forgot tortoise colors.
I love them too
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What I love with cats is that they come in all shapes and colours. So far I haven't met one cat who isn't uniqe in one way or an other.
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Favourite colour is probably red (got to say that in case Jaffa and Mosi read this ) although I'm also rather parital to black and white and pure black cats. Then there's your classic tabby - love those tiger stripes!

Breedwise, other than the humble DSH and DLH I love somalis and abyssinians.
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I like moggies best, but I do also have a soft spot for Siamese. I prefer shorthairs, I just like the feel of a shorthair cat better for some reason.

Favourite colours are black and white or grey and white in any proportion and solid black or white.
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