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"My Obsession"

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Pretty much since Day One, JoJo has been obsessed with my printer. She stopped for a while as she had no way to see the insides of the new printer. Now, it's next to the window and she has discovered a new viewing perch... these were all taken about 6-10 seconds apart from each other. She kept staring, so I set it to print again (waste of ink and paper, but it's worth it). Flash was on the first one, but i turned it off...

"So, why isn't it movin' mama?"

"Still nuttin'. But I swore I heard it."

"What da? What's that?"

"Make it go again, Mama!"
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That is WAY too cute!!!
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Ari has had his own fascination with my printer and would love to stand on top and stick his paw in the feed every time I run it. "THere's something alive in there, meowmy!"
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Yeah, after I turned the camera off, she got up and started poking her furry little nose in there... Originally I had the printer sitting closer to the front, so she wouldn't be enticed to plop her oversized furry self on what little desk space i have in front of the PC monitor. But she started climbing behind the printer... so last week I pushed it back to keep her from getting back there... So far she hasn't discovered the route to the rest of the desk, but i don't work on the PC as much anymore... and she doesn't dare jump up on the Mac's desk. She's not a huge jumper... she likes small intermediary steps to get to higher elevations.
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That's so cute! And what a pretty girl, too!

Trent has the same obsession as JoJo. As soon as that printer starts, he comes running to watch it!
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too cute!!
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JoJo, I think you are Garfield were meant to be.....for he has the very same obsession....
Besides that... I did hear him meowing to Petals one day how he thinks you are really "Purr-ty"
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Yeah, JoJo and Garfield are twins... except she's an 'older woman' to him (She's 4 now). Does Garfield like aluminum foil balls? JJ's favorite toy is her 'mouse' which is nothing more than a tightly rolled up ball of heavy duty aluminum foil with a red twine 'tail' sticking out. She was playing with it earlier. Nutsy Kitty.
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