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Poor little Marcus

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I'm not sure if this story was broadcast nationally or not, but it's been big news locally for the past two weeks. It's one of the saddest, most shocking things to happen around here that I can remember, leaving people feeling angry, betrayed and most of all grieving this poor little boy:

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I heard about this on the radio this morning! It really is tradgic! Poor boy is in a much better place now. RIP Marcus!!
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What a senselessly tragic story, from start to end. How could ANYONE lock a special-needs toddler in a closet alone for TWO DAYS and then treat his body in such a manner? Makes me physically ill and ashamed of what "humans" (I use the term loosely for those two) are capable of . RIP Marcus . You are definitely in incredibly far better place.
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That is horrible, that poor poor child how did these people get cleared to be foster parents?! my heart is aching, at least he can never be hurt again
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I had not heard about this. How AWFUL!!! Poor poor little boy. I never understand people..............
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You can see in the photo that he had been physically abused. How can people, and I use the term loosely, live with themselves after doing such things? I guess I really don't want to understand what they were thinking. It gives me the shivers just wondering for a moment.
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IF WE ARE TRULY HORRIFIED, SHOCKED AND SADDENED.... then we all try to get more people aware of the problems revolving around special needs children ( i have one myself) and DO SOMETHING!!
We could volunteer as classroom aides (special ed. teachers are, IMO, esp. amenable to outside assistance);
We could encourage our church, other organization, or individually, offer to either give respite care so the caregivers can get a much needed break OR mentor some of these kids and adults.
in high school, my daughter received only 2 phone calls during the entire 4 years. Even now, except for immediate family, she has NO social life. i had even arranged for a school friend to take her on outings (at $10./hr plus fuel) but the girl has stood us up.
I DON'T EXCUSE THE MURDERERS IN THIS CASE, BUT, IN MARCUS' HONOR, PLEASE, PLEASE, AS A NATION, A COMMUNITY, let's do something to help those special needs people. Please - i know it isn't easy ( i just got done rescuing a 'stray' homeless lady for 2 weeks, and yes, it is very difficult dealing with urine & poop smell on your furniture, in the car, etc.; it's extra housework cleaning the spills in the microwave, the refrigerator, the floods in the bathroom; it's extra time preparing microwaveable meals; taking them shopping; helping them apply and recieve foodstamps, while people stare at you cuz they don't understand where the smell is from or why you are with this person) but we can cross over RB and that person will be there someday to greet us and they will be whole again, a beautiful smile, their limbs and backs straight, their feet and hands uncurled, and all our furbabies will be rubbing against our legs in greeting, purring loudly, "mewommy, i am so proud"
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