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Can i register my kitten and how?

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Hello I am new here and wanted to see if anyone could answer a few questions. I just got a Manx-Siamese Kitten she was born JULY 4th 2006. I was wanting to see if i could have her registered? Does anyone know how i could do this? And does anyone know if i could enter her in cat shows for fun when she is a little older? Thanks Here are a few pics of her.

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DId the kitten come from a breeder or a shelter>>???
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Your kitten is absolutely darling in every way, but unfortunately, no, you may not register her - even if both of her parents are registered, Manx are not an allowed outcross for Siamese so she cannot be registered as either.

As for showing, you can certainly show her in the Household Pet class. I believe there is an age restriction - she is too young currently at only 6 weeks old and for all intents and purposes, she should still be with her Mother. However, once she is old enough, my thought is that she would probably do very well in the household pet class. Best of luck!

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ooo she is cute but awfully young! Did a some sell/adopt her to you at this age? That is sad, she should be with her mother until 10-12 weeks old at the VERY least. Nothing against you but I can't believe someone would rehome her that young. Since she is a moggie (non-purebred mix, basically a mutt in dog terms) I highly doubt she can be registered in anything. Just is just like any other mix breed you would find anywhere. She is absolutely beautiful though! I love her colors and blue eyes!
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You can only "register" her as a Household Pet to compete for titles in ACFA or TICA. Also I think Happy Household Pet is still in existance.

CFA doesn't register HHP's. You'd have to look up the different associations and request a registration form and pay a fee for the registration. ACFA is American Cat Fanciers Association; TICA is The International Cat Association.

The only requirement is that the cat has to be spayed/neutered if 8 months or older. Also CFA will not allow declawed cats.

You kitten is really cute and hope he/she does well Any cat has to be 4 months or older to be shown.
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thank you all and sorry she was born on july 4th do i guess she is older than i thought. my husband got her for me and though she was 6 weeks but i called the lady who sold her and the kitten is older than that sorry to have confused this and upset some people. thanks again for the info and help
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Don't know anything about registering, etc, but I wanted to say she's gorgeous! such bright blue eyes
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She definitely is precious! I am going to a CFA cat show this weekend to get a feel for things. I may show my kitten Ginger (when she is 4 months) in the household pet class. I think it would be fun to do just once.
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Yes i also thought it might be fun to do a few show or even just go see some. Thanks i will look into the HHP shows. Not something i plan on doing right this min but want to have all the info before i do anything and have to wait until she is older too so thought i would look up info and give myself a few months to get to know how all this works. Thanks to all that left a reply.
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I just have to say, she is absolutely adorable, I love the little brown toes on the one paw, and no tail makes her look like a little teddy bear
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Personally, I would not register her till you show her and see if its worth continuing
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