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I am new on this forum...

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I took in a foster kitty about a month or so ago.. And 2 kittens for her litter she had.. Well a day or so after I got her, she was getting bigger.. and to make a long story short, she was pregant.. Well.. She had her kittens Sun AM.. 7 of them.. But one was Dead already when I got in the room and noticed she had them. So I have 6 survivals. 2 I had to help her with.. one was just sitting there when i got in the room away from momma, where she was nursing the ones she had that that point, and when I picked it up it started moving some.. And I gave it to momma,and she took over.. Well anywayz.. I Haven't had baby kittens since i was under the age of 10 lol. I am tring to learn what I can. I wanna get them to the vet,and have them looked at and all, But I am scared to try to transport them or anything.. I dont want to stress them out or anything. :-/ I have them all in a Big cage thing .. With a heating pad .. for them to lay on and stay warm. I feed momma Dry Kitten food, but give her a lil canned adult food.. Should I use Kitten canned as well, or is that ok for every once in a while to give her adult canned*i give it to my other cats sometimes too .. that is why i have it*

And how early can you succefully sex the babies? I am not too good at it.. LOL that is one of the reasons I wanted to get them to the vet to get checked.. But ANY Help or tips to make this the best for the babys and momma I would appreciate! Thanks

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aww they are adorable. that is so great that you took them in. I wouldn;t take them to the vet immediately because their little immune systems are so fragile. Unless you see a problem. The mother at some point will have to be tested to make sure she doesn't have anything to pass to the kittens. Then the kittens get a series of kitten shots, you will have to wait for someone else to tell you about that as I don't know. It is good for cats to eat wet food, in most cases it is much healthier of a diet then dry food. So yes feed her wet food. But I would feed her kitten food at least when the kittens start to move around because she will show them how to eat it. She will basically wean them herself but then you need to step in later on to encourage them to eat on their own. I am getting a bit ahead of you there though. They are still young. But I would definately feed her kitten wet food.

The kittens stay with her until 10 -12 weeks of age and they can be spayed and neutered at 8 weeks or 2 lbs. so keep that in mind. First priority is the mom though so she doesn't have another litter. Keep in mind that she can get pregnant immediately almost after giving birth so keep her inside and away from intact males. No acceptions. You could even schedule her appointment in advance too.

I think that is all the immediate advice I have for you. You seem like you are doing great so far, you have them seperate from your cats in a crate, they are healthy seeming so far. I don't think should go to the vet until they need their first kitten shots which I think is at about 6 weeks? I could be wrong...someone else will know. Unless like I said if there is a problem or one is doing poorly.

Good luck!
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Hi and welcome to TCS! I don't have any advice because I am not too familiar with mommy cats, but I wanted to welcome you and your cute kitties! Thanks for sharing a picture.
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Yes.. thanks for the welcome. And yes She is already acting as if she is in heat. I Have a family that wants momma when she is done with the kittens.. So they will be getting me money to get her fixed first.. I Wont release her till she is. Does anyone know of a way to get all the kittens spayed when they can be, for cheap, so they will be when they go to a new home? I dont have alot of money at this time to get it done .. Unelss it is cheap. And all the shelters in this area are PACKED With cats,and kittens.. over 100 in most. And I Wouldnt wanna add to that there, and risk older ones be put to sleep cause they are getting over whelmed with kittens.. :-/ But yes they all seem healthy at this time. But I am just a Freak about keeping them healthy LOL I have 3 dogs and 3 cats myself. But never had a kitty give birth with me there.. My Youngest cat is about 7 mo old or so now.. and we got him at 5 weeks old, momma abandoned him and his 3 siblings in a atac.. he is a pain in the rump tho! We had to keep him locked up for almost a month,cause he was peein and pooin everywhere.. so everyone said it was a mental prob.. and had to re train him in the litter pan.. And the only way to do that was to keep in in a small areal ike a bathroom or cage for 2 + weeks.. to retrain him.. cause he would only have the ability to go in the litter pan.. And Wow.. did it work! now he is just a meanie head .. hahaha
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I would start calling the clinics in the link below:


Ask if they perform pediatric spay/neuter and how much it would cost.

Once the kittens are weaned you can safely have mom spayed.

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Thanks for that Site! I Appreciate it very Much! I Will call a few places I have in the area, and see what they can do! THanks SOO Much!
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