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Worried Mom

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Need help! My 7 year old kittie got his teeth cleaned yesterday under sedation for the first time. They had to sedate him because when I took him in before for it, he would not allow them to clean them. Didn't know you were suppose to brush them.

Ok so here is the question... he has been very quiet and sleepy since I brought him home. Is this normal? The lethargic behavior is not normal for him. He normally is very vocal when he wants something (hasn't meowed at all since coming home), on most days - actually everyday - he follows me from room to room, likes to go out numerous times on his leash, and sleeps in his window. Instead he has been sleeping on my bed pillow or the foot of the bed right next to my computer all day.

He has been home for 26 hours. He has eaten and actually went straight for his food dish when we let him out of his carry bag, and has used his litter box. He is also still grooming, when he wakes up.

He also appears to be "cranky". He is normally but this is a different "cranky".

I guess I was expecting him to be his old self by now but he doesn't appear to be. Is it possible that this is just him recoverying from the anesthia? .

I am thinking I should call the vet tomorrow if he is still behaving this way. Any thoughts? Advice? Experience with this?

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I wouldn't worry at the moment. He is de-stressing from all the new experiences he just underwent. As long as he is eating and eliminating and drinking, he will come around. If he doesn't perk up by tomorrow call your vet and ask him what you should do.
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Tricia - how is he doing now?
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He still isn't acting 100% normal. Each morning when I get up he usually gets after me to feed him right away but since the cleaning he hasn't. Though when he was lying next to me this morning I could feel and hear him purring. He just seems so sleepy.

I am going to call the vet later if he doesn't show any signs of wanting to play.


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Yeah, so happy! He is fine. Just took him a couple of days to rid himself of the sedation. He played this afternoon and is outside on his hill. Yes he is in the shade, has a water bowl close by, and on a leash.

Thanks for the help.

A relieved Mom
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