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Can a vaccinated cat get the flu?

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One of my cats who is up to date on all her vaccinations seems to have developed a bit of a cold. I've had a few fosters that have had it lately and they've been medicated with Tricin via the eyes. I thought that being vaccinated would prevent my cats from getting sick.

The vet has said to continue with the Tricin and if it doesn't clear up in a few days to bring her in....

All this while i thought that vaccinated cats didn't get sick with things like the flu.
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My Bagheera got a cold from a vaccine. I still cant remember what it is called. But its the one they shoot up their nose. I'm supposed to bring him in tomorow if he doesnt get better. Cats can still get sick if thye are vaccinated. They just cant get some of the really contagious stuff.
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vaccinated cats are only protected from the illnesses they have been vaccinated against. there is a flu/cold-like illness in cats, it has a vaccine, but most vaccinated cats can still get the illness, just to a lesser degree. some vaccines are just not 100% affective.
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Cats don't get flu shots. What we might call a flu/cold is probably an upper respiratory infection which can be caused by stress or any number of things. This can become a serious infection so you should have a vet check your kitty to see if he/she needs antibiotics. It's also necessary to ensure the cat does not get dehydrated.
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well she is better today.... and she's been getting the eye ointment for uri's as suggested by the vet. It's called tricin. She's still a little off. Not her usual self. But the vet said that it can't be anything serious because all her vaccinations are up to date. We work quite closely with the vet so she knows that we have fosters in and out of our house quite regularly. The last batch were all treated for URI so that's probably where she picked it up.

Anyway... i'm just a little more concerned than usual because they travelling by plane in a few weeks and then they will be in quarantine for about a week. So i want them to be i tip top shape.
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