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Well apple harvest time has started.
In my quest to eat more fruits and veggies I'm going to eat an apple a day...but I need some recommendations!!
I like a crisp apple when you bite into it.
Perhaps some more obscure varieties as I like going to orchards and getting some to eat.
The ones I picked up at grocery store last week are too soft-no variety was listed.
My fav is Honeycrisp but those aren't ready until end of Sept.
Red Delicious have no flavor too me.

So what are your favorites?????
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Mmm ... Granny Smith apples! Crisp and crunchy and juicy!

I eat an apple a day, too. I usually stick to one of three kinds: Granny Smith, MacIntosh, and Red Delicious. For crispness, though, you can't beat the grannies.
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Granny Smith is really good. But I also like the ones that are red and yellow. I forget the name of it I will have to find it for you! They are so juicy and full of flavor! Yum! I guess I will be getting one at the grocery store this afternoon!
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My favorite crispy apple is a fuji
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Its almost apple harvest time here I can't wait.My favorite is Macintosh,.I prefer mine in pies
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I love granny smith apples! that's about the only kind I eat really
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For eating, my favorite are Gala apples. For baking, I like Northern Spy, Granny Smith, or Jonathan.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I love granny smith apples! that's about the only kind I eat really

I hate the mushy kind!
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Hands down, Macintosh apples are my favorite!!! They are hard to find sometimes though. 2nd favorite is Granny Smith, they tend to be crisper. I also use those in pies. Gala apples are delicious and crisp, as well.
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Originally Posted by chichismom View Post
My favorite crispy apple is a fuji
I these too, and they seem to stay fresher longer.
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Pink Lady! Do you have them in the US?
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Oooo i used to love PInk lady!
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My alltime favourite is Cortland - very crisp and juicy but they are a late apple - i.e., mid-end September, early October. I go to the orchard and buy bags and bags of them. They make delicious pies as well. I wait impatiently every year for these apples and during the time they are fresh will usually go through a bushel or more.

During the winter months I don't often eat apples but if I do I prefer Royal Gala or Pink Lady.
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This is what I found under my apple tree...

I just finnished making Crab Apple jelly on the weekend
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Granny Smith Green apples are my favorite.
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Fuji Apples!!!! I usually eat at least one or two of those a day- i'm addicted to them !!!!!

I also love Granny Smith apples too!
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Jona-Golds.Pink Lady, Gala & Granny Smith's-
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camel apples duh!
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I've seen the pink ladies in the grcoery store I'll have to stop tomorrow and pick some up!!! I have a Cortland and a Weathly apple tree but I don't do the whole spraying routine and they don't bear fruit real well.
Also if you like crisp-try the Honeycrisp apple-they seem to be a bit more expensive and don't store real well so we eat lots when they are available!!
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granny smith!

Sweet and sour and oh so yummy!

I dont biting into an apple and its mushy eew!
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