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Bare Skin?

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I have always wondered why my Tortie refuses to lay on bare skin. She won't lay on my lap if I have shorts on and my husband can just forget about her laying with him if he doesn't have a shirt AND a blanket over him. Anyone have any ideas?
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Must be something to do with the fact we dont have fur
My cats are just the same.
But Big Guy Dino will happily lay next to a bare leg or under my armpit
I think they are all just plain wierd
PS. welcome to TSC, its great here, you´ll get lots of help and advice and we have a bit of fun now and then, so enjoy
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I think your answer is a good one, we do not have fur. My kitten is the same exact way.
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We're slippery? The people smell is too strong close-up? We just feel odd to them?
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My kitten loves it, if my legs are closed he sits in the middle with his paws through my closed legs and just falls asleep like that , I love him.
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