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old CRF cat and dental

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my old girl (age 19) appears to have pain in her mouth

i know she has bad teeth. previous vet said she had "good teeth" -

new vet says she is missing a bunch and the rest are awful

she had just been diagnosed with CRF when he told me that, and he didnt' know about doing a dental then....

BUT she has been stable for a long time, and looks pretty good.

just wondering if there is a cut off age, or a cut off on degree of renal disease,

and if anyone has had a CRF cat over 16 or so, have a dental?

oh my poor baby is in pain
i cant take it
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Oh dear. Sweet little love, I'm so sorry you're in pain, sweetheart.

It must be so difficult for you seeing your baby hurt. I wish there was a simple cut and dry answer. Please consider joining this Feline CRF Support Group. I joined due to my sweet girl's diagnosis a couple of years ago, and this is a wonderful group of understanding individuals who are very experienced in the best care of precious crf kitties. Snuggles to your baby tonight.
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Tyler, who is almost 17, has various health issues - mild crf, high bp that we've recently had trouble with, hyperthyroidism that we had trouble getting under control, liver nodules...and he had a dental last week. It was in an effort to get him eating on his own again, plus he was grinding when he was chewing, on one side, but his teeth didn't look awful - just tartar.

Turned out he had two teeth that required pulling! I bring up all his issues to just show this was not an easy decision...and both I and my vet who was present, were very concerned about him handling any kind of anesthesia..but he did well, and is now eating some on his own again.

I think you just have to weigh everything, with really bad teeth it is a health risk on its own
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Kandie is 18 and has CRF ... She has had three dentals since diagnoisis ... Both vets that did them gave her extra fluid before/ during / after ... The last one in may she got a antibiotic and some herbal thing( my vet does both homeopathic and conventional medicine )

It is not easy to decide but talk with the vet and see ...
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We do dental on older cats and dogs all the time. If there is a concern about kidney function my vets usually recommend that the kitty comes in the night before and is hooked up to IV fluids. We then run the fluids overnight so that kitty is well hydrated by the time we anaesthetize. Then after the dental we would leave them on fluids until they went home. We also work as quickly as possible to minimize the time under anaesthesia.
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Belle was diagnosed with CRF at age 6--not old by any means. She also had build-up on her teeth. Her CRF was so advanced that the vet refused to do any work on her teeth because of the possibility of infection. My dear girl passed just 4 weeks after her diagnosis. (the vet thought she may have gotten into antifreeze before we rescued her) I would imagine having the dental work done depends on the your kitty's general health and just how severe the CRF is. The poor baby; hope you can do something for your girl's pain.
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