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Stumpy's first photos

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I just realised I had these in another photo album (Stumpy has her own online album...), and thought I'd post them. These are her first days with us.

She was so skinny, and had had her tail amputated not long before she came to us.

After having no home (we assume since she was so bony), then 1 1/2 weeks confined to a cage while she was recovering she LOVED the attention!

Poor thing couldn't sit properly because of her broken pelvis

She WAS pregnant, but miscarried in the car accident we think. Still had a baby belly though, but it was hard to tell generally since she was so thin. you can see it here though!

You can see where one of her front and back legs were shaved to put pain patches on her

And then spayed - and adopted as ours

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Awww... she loves you more every day doesn't she? You can tell by the look on her face that she is happy with her forever home.
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Aww sarahp, Stumpy is such a beautiful cat. She sounds like she went through alot. But she looks very happy to have a loving home and slaves
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She is so beautiful! I love the picture of her leaning on you (if that is you she is leaning on, whoever it is otherwise!).
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Ohh I just love her she's so sweet, and this breaks my heart that she was hurt But I'm so happy she's happy and healthy now!!
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What a beautiful girl Stumpy is ..... she has overcome a lot !!! She does look so content now.
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She is pretty and she's been through soooo much, Thank God she has such a caring owner to help her through the rest of her kitty life.
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Such a sweet, beautiful girl. She had a difficult start but she now has loving home with you and a kitty sister in Lily.
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Awwwww that second picture of her laying on you just screams " I'm safe "
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She is truely beautiful and it sounds like she has been through a lot.
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She is so sweet!! Its unfortunate that she has had to go through so much in so little time!!
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It breaks my heart that she went through so much pain bless you for giving her a forever home
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I know, it absolutely broke my heart that she'd been through so much by 8 months old!

She was just so sweet though, and I love that photo where she's cuddling me. It was about then I realised that we had to keep her.
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Aww She's lovely
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