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suckling on clothes && fuzzy things

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so my kittens are going to be at least 6 months old soon. they lost there mother about 2 months ago....now...they like to nootch/act like there milking on shirts and fluffy pillows..and even our arms sometimes...

why are they doin this?
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I think alot of kittens and cats do this sort of thing. My 2 year old "plays the piano" on anyting soft in the house, sometimes they all lick me, and occasionally even the 7 month old will look for ninnys on my other 2 year old female. I think its fine, they comfort themselves.

Funny story, Loco was neutered late at around 9-10 months old. He has always been a lover, and a "piano player" who just purrs up a storm while he is loving up my stuffed animals. About 2 months ago my daughter told me that he was being nasty with my big duck, I didn't pay too much attention to it. A couple of nights ago he was just happily squeezing away on my duck when the expression on his face became very intense, didn't my poor neutered boy get very personal with Quacky Duck. Like I said they find comfort doing that.
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Billy our 4 month old lost his sister last week and has been suckling on things a lot more than usual when he cant fuind her now. He sucked on things before. I think its sweet and Cobee (our 1.5 yr old) has taken over the "mommy" role for Billy... he has made his nipples more noticeable by removing the hair around them for Billy and will let billy suck for as long as he needs... Bilyl still prefers my head but atleast now I can lock him out of our bedroom at night and when he starts crying Cobee comes and saves the day (uh, night). I figure as he becomes more comfortable with his "siblings" and us and realizes that his sister isnt coming back all the suckling will die down... but for now it comforts him and Im ok with that. My baby is sad and so are we that we lost his sister... imagine how your kitties feel...they lost their mama.

Best of luck to you.
Oh and I posted a post last night about suckling under the kitten forumn and someone posted this link for me -so Im just passing it on.... http://www.lovemypet.com.au/mall/cat_kittenaids.asp

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