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FIP: anyone have any first hand expierence?

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I have a 6 week old rescue that I took in... long story how he was found but it was in a cruel way. Anywho I took him to the vet where he had to have a
B12 injection, some fluid for dehydrtion and RX for Worms he is on Pyra something or other 1/4 cc once a week for a month. I know Worms bloat the belly but doesnt Fip also do it? I know he cant be tested until 12 weeks because of false results....what other symptoms would there be?
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Someone will be along shortly who knows... Please keep this one separated as it is spreadable
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My 2 year old baby girl Morgan passed away Wednesday. Preliminary necropsy reports show that it was FIP, which was what I suspected. FIP is a tricky bugger - one thing I know is, there are no rules with FIP. It can manifest in so many ways. Yes, bloating can be a symptom, but bloating can be a symptom of many things - food intolerance/allergy, gastritis, parasites. Morgan's first symptom was staggering and uncoordination on Tuesday morning. The vet thought maybe it was toxoplasmosis. She also had a fever and began having seizures, and stopped eating and drinking, so she was very dehydrated very quickly. Tuesday evening we went back to the vet because the seizures were still happening. Tuesday overnight she began having trouble breathing, and by Wednesday morning she passed away in an oxygen tent unable to breathe due to an unbelievable rapidly progressive pneumonia, another result of FIP. This is the face of FIP that we saw - it took her life in just about 24 hours. We have 12 other kitties, 5 of which are kittens and one is over 13 years old, so we have been watching for any other symptoms. As many people on here told me and as I've been reading, FIP is thought to be caused by a coronavirus, which is what is contagious. Many cats carry the coronavirus and don't really show any symptoms, whereas only like 8-10% of cats with coronavirus will deveop FIP symptoms. If your kitty has FIP, he will most likely look sick with a rough haircoat and often the third eyelid is showing. He will be lethargic and will most likely not want to eat, and therefore may be anemic and dehydrated. It sounds to me like you are dealing with a parasite, but you may want to check with your vet. From what I've read, the standard blood test is likely to show a false positive from exposure to coronavirus no matter what age the cat is. I don't know if this helps or not, but I hope so!
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Your kitty will probably test positive for exposur to coronavirus at both dilutions as most kitties do. Unfortunately, there's really no way to know which mutation of the virus the kitty has and if their own genetics allow it to develop into FIP It's an AWFUL disease.
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I lost a kitten to FIP about 7 years ago. Zen went in with Twig to get neutered and well, never really recovered. He came home and was acting really funny, lethargic, not eating and things of that nsture and I thought it was because of the fever he had at the vets from the neutering. He was there three days and nights but came home looking anyway, because they thought he was just getting stressed from the long ride home, and the surgery and all the things he went through. They told me to keep him quiet and keep an eye on him. Twig wouldn't leave his side, cleaning him constantly, almost seeming to comfort him in a way. He didn't get better, he got jaundice, bloated and cried for a few more days until he was so weak and sick that we had to put him down. It was terrible. I cried for days. We had Twig tested because we didn't know what happened to make Zen die so quickly until they told us what it was. Thankfully it showed that Twig, even though he was with Zen never contracted the disease. The vet said that Twig will always carry a form of it in his blood stream (for some reason it's called a dry version) and it can become a full blown version at anytime. But I don't understand how that can be if he tested negative. But he's almost 8 and he's healthy and spoiled. I miss my little Zenly. He's at Rainbow Bridge waiting for his friend Twig and his meowmy and Daddy. I miss him everyday.
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