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Crate the Cat??

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Hi there, I'm new at this forum thing, so please be patient.

I'm having a landlord problem. I live with my boyfriend in his mother's house (she lives with her new husband). My 9 year old cat, Little Kitty, lives with us. My landlord has never had a pet, so she really doesn't understand the workings of a cat. To make a very long story short, her latest edict about the cat (to relieve concerns that she scratches the rugs or "goes into the other tennants rooms") is for me to "crate the cat while I'm at work". Or we can move out. Am I crazy, or is this not normal? I'm having a really hard time explaining to her that cats are not like dogs. You cannot crate them up for 9 hours a day. It's impractical and inhummane. Right? Am I overreacting? How do I explain this to her??
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Why can't the cat stay the day in your bedroom (uncrated)? And then supervise when you get home. Cats in catteries spend a lot of time in cages; but good catteries have VERY large walk-in cages.
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This is the smallest containment I'd ever use for a cat if it must spend that much time confined everyday.
At least with this, there is room for food, water, litter and some toys and nap areas.
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I forgot about those cages. That's the kind I used for my queens and their kittens.
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Hi, welcome to tcs, to you and Little Kitty! We're so glad you've joined us! You have all the patience from us you need, and please feel free to contact me any time I may be of assistance.

I fully agree with you, this would be terrible for Little Kitty. The transition of suddenly being cooped up all day while you're at work sounds just awful. It seems to me this would be very difficult for your little lady after her nine years having the run of the house. I wonder if your landlord would consider a compromise such as the previous suggestion of staying in one room during the day? This would limit her dwellings while still making available her food, water, litter box, favorite items, etc. and allowing adequate space for her comfort. This would also eliminate the possibility of her roaming into the rooms of other tenants. Is there a way to try to help your landlord understand that a nine year old cat isn't going to be running wild all over the house hanging from the curtains and clawing up the rugs? Perhaps Softpaws would be another option to discuss?

I'm very relieved you're so wise to know crating your little girl is not a reasonable solution and are actively seeking out a more viable option.
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I had never even heard of Soft Claws before I joined this site, which was yesterday. I bought a set last night. So, hopefully, my landlord/boyfriend's mother/crazy lady will drop this cage thing. I have done everything I can think of to make Little Kitty as invisible as possible. She has a curtain around her food and water dishes; I bought the LitterMaid Automatic Litter Box (the most I have ever spent on a litter box EVER! ) with the tent, and the ionic air cleaner, and the World's Best Cat Litter, and now Soft Claws. I also purchased a baby gate to block the stairway to the bedrooms so the roomates won't have to *gasp* close their doors while their at work. As for closing her up in my bedroom, I can't, because my boyfriend is allergic, somewhat. He's pretty fine around the house, but we think that having Little Kitty all over the bed and stuff might push him over the edge.

Thank you so much for the support. My boyfriend (Rob) and I are buying this house this fall. What a relief that'll be.
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wow... my grammar is not so good when I'm frustrated... sorry about the errors...
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Welcome to TCS! It sounds like you're doing a great job! Please keep us updated and let us know how it goes.
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I have one of those play pens i have used with my Youngest kitten .. cause he had some Potty problems when he was younger * Was abandoned by mom, and we got him at 5 weeks* And now i keep my foster momma cat and kittens in it.. it worked well for me ..
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Originally Posted by Elektra View Post
wow... my grammar is not so good when I'm frustrated... sorry about the errors...
Ha! That made me laugh. Thanks, I needed that! No English Professors here, nothing to worry about. I thought I would point out that you can edit your post by clicking "edit" at the bottom right corner of your post. If I may ever help out, such as editing your title or anything else for that matter, just let me know.

I really respect all you're doing to make peace in your home while not disrupting Little Kitty's routine and keeping her happy and comfy. You've gone to great lengths to ensure she has the very best, even her own special dining area and nifty litter box! My girlies and I didn't care for The World's Best and felt that just isn't. We use Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Fragrance Free~you could also get the scented version if you prefer. We feel it's the best ever! There is never any smell at all, even when they've just gone to the potty. Then, when you scoop, it's as if you're left with a brand new freshly changed box. This may be something you'd consider trying out on your quest for the perfect litter.

You have an ionic air purifier? We're jealous! Has Little Kitty had her Soft Paws manicure yet? I'm curious what she thinks of them. They come in lots of colors, so she'll really be making a fashion statement! For my girlies, I would have to go with pink! Hope Little Kitty is enjoying being extra spoiled, and I bet all of you can hardly wait to get into your new hourse!
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Oh, the LitterMaid Elite Litter Box came with everything! I was completely amazed at the thought that went into this thing. It has a carpeted ramp to keep stray litter from scattering all over the house; it has a tent to keep Little Kitty from kicking the litter over the edge, and it has the ionic air purifier that turns on as soon as LK leaves the box. THEN, after a ten-minute count down, it rakes the clumps and solids right into a covered disposable bin (that I line with Stop and Shop grocery bags). It's the craziest thing. Little Kitty was at first sketched out when her litter box moved, 'cause, you know, litter boxes aren't supposed to "do" anything. But she's cool with it now. Sometimes, if she hears it start it's raking, she runs to it to watch. It's too funny.

When I get the Soft Claws, I will definately post pics. Just don't laugh at her haircut. I give her the lion cut so she doesn't shed as much, but this last time I was so sick when I did it, it's a little uneven.
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i think thats awful that she wants you to crate her, personally i dont think its at all humane to crate a dog for 9 hours a day either. it makes me very sad to think about im glad you are coming up with good solutions
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Did Mommy give you a funny hair style, Little Kitty? We're looking forward to your glamor shots.
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If you do end up being required to confine her, you could make her a multilevel cage out of wire shelving cubes. I'm serious. Lots of rabbit and guinea pig people do this, including me, and if you do it right it's very sturdy. If 12 lb rabbit can bounce around like nuts without even rattling the cage, it's sturdy. It's also less expensive than purchased cages and you can custom make it to fit in the space you have. This site has lots of info.
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