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"Chronic" tummy problems

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So I have some questions about tummy problems. I know of someone who bought a male kitten a few months ago and this kitten imidiately developed diarrhea. Not due to food change since it was given the same food in the new home as it was fed at the breeders. The diarrhea doesn't go away after weeks of "stomach diet" and antibiotics. The tests done reveal nothing (test regarding the pancreas have been done). The cat however get somewhat better when fed potatoe fibre.

Now the problems are back. The owner tries some raw food (the cat isn't used to raw meat) but it came out looking basically the same way as it did when it entered. It seems like the cat can't digest it but the feaces aren't really loose or worse than when the cat isn't fed raw.

Any thoughts? The vets and the owner are clueless. I'm a big believer in raw food but do you think raw food can help this cat? I know raw food sometimes need time to "work wonders" and I've seen cats I honestly thought would die become healthy when fed raw food.
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I would say raw just cause of personal experience... My gigi had a bad tummy alot since raw she is good... Maybe they tried a weird meat the cat wasnt used too??? The raw food should be the same meat as the kibble and canned previously feed ... Have they given probiotics???
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No, I don't thin they've tried probiotics but I'll tell them to.
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Twenty years ago I had a kitten who developed stomac problems. What ever I gave him it came out as it went in. I found a very good vet. He said that he had a rare disease and I just can't remeber the name. There was no medication for animals available (yet, it might be today) but there was for humans. He didn't give the kitty to much chance to survive but I had that "human pill" from the vet and I gave him 1/16 of a pill four times a day before food. He had to have an almost fat-free dieet of boild chicken (no skinn), boild white fish and boild rice.
It took two month to treat him but he became well. He lived the rest of his life on Iams dry food and boild low-fat meat and if ever given something else the symptoms came back. He became twelve years before his stomach finally gave up and nothing helped any more, but it was good twelve years.
I am sorry I don't remeber the name of the disease or the medication but I hope the information might be of some help anyway. Good luck with the kitten.
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My Boo has had problems with diarrhea since I brought her home from animal control. The vet has put her on a Low Residue prescription food to work it out. I am hoping she won't have to have that for life since I have a multi-cat household and it's hard to keep her out of the others food, but for now that is what she has to have.

The low residue prescription food is by Eukanuba.
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